People have a connection with wood. It makes you feel happy and relaxed. So it’s no surprise that natural wood furniture is a popular choice for the bedroom. At west elm, we offer gorgeous wood pieces that are solid and stylish, with striking lines and rich tones. Create a bedroom design that’s warm and inviting with natural wood bedroom furniture. A space like that beckons to you after a long day and helps you get a good night’s sleep. Natural wood tones really shine in rooms with lots of illumination. They feel fresh and spacious. What colors should you look for? Deep hues add an air of romance. Dark chestnut, for example, looks mysterious. It’s perfect for someone who likes to read novels in bed. Lighter woods are geared towards a laidback ambience. You can just be yourself, no strings attached. Start by choosing your bed, since that’s your bedroom’s centerpiece. Pick a style that reflects your personality the best. After that, you need a dresser and some nightstands. Remember that it’s OK to vary wood colors in smaller pieces like accent tables. Instead of looking for the exact wood color as your bed, focus on their design. If your bed has sharp contours, look for something similar throughout the room. What’s the difference between reclaimed wood and natural wood with a finish? Natural wood furniture with a clear or light-colored finish usually has a shiny appearance. You get all of the wood’s rich hues and an extra touch of brightness. Reclaimed wood, on the other hand, fits a rustic design style better. You can see all of the original character of each piece, including knots, imperfections and edges. But both options are still smooth to the touch.