Add Style to Your Space with a Walnut Dining Table from west elm

Turn every meal into a special event with a stylish walnut dining table from west elm. No matter how big or small your space, we've got a table that will work wonders with your room and your existing decor.

Walnut Dining Table Styles

Walnut is a wonderful wood choice for an assortment of different dining room looks. Here are a few walnut table styles you'll find at west elm right now:

  • All-walnut tables. Great for mid-century and vintage-inspired spaces, a stylish all-walnut table can add an elegant look to your room. You can also find solid walnut tables with glass tops to help open up your room visually. Pair your new table with our chairs and benches so all your guests have a place to sit.
  • Walnut and metal tables. Looking to add a more modern touch to your room? Shop for a walnut table with a metal base for contemporary or industrial-inspired flair.
  • Walnut tables with a decorative pedestal base. Shop for some serious design points by bowing our selection of walnut tables with decorative pedestal bases. These tables are especially for ornate spaces that range from transitional mid-century to ultra-modern.

Make every snack, gourmet meal or plate of takeout magical by updating your dining room with a beautiful walnut dining table from west elm. Take a few minutes to check out our selection of table linens and tabletop accessories while you're shopping. They'll help you perfect your look and wow your family and your guests for your next dinner party.