White Lacquer Furniture for Every Room

A great choice for a modern design scheme, white lacquer furniture can make a stylish addition to your home. It is typically sleek and minimalist in appearance, with clean lines and an extra bit of shine that lends some visual depth and interest to the room. At west elm, you'll find a variety of white lacquer pieces perfect for any room that you are thinking of redecorating.


White lacquer furniture is very popular in the bedroom. For example, a simple and sophisticated white lacquer bed adds a touch of elegance to any room. It can also make an excellent neutral base for a colorful or patterned duvet. Other easy ways to bring the clean and decadent look of white lacquer into the bedroom is with white lacquer dressers or nightstands.

Living Room

Give your living room a brand new look with a white lacquer coffee table and white lacquer side tables to match. Light color lacquer furniture in the living room can help make the space seem larger. The white will also show off all of your carefully chosen decorative accents and pair easily with other furniture finishes in the room.

Dining Room

White lacquer dining tables and chairs are right at home in any contemporary style dining room, transforming it into an elegant and welcoming space you'll be proud to entertain in. Pair your table or chairs with a white lacquer buffet that can provide an extra surface for the dinner spread and much-needed storage space for items like plates, utensils and placemats.


Keep your study space clean, bright and open with a chic and simple white desk. Choose a colorful or patterned office chair to go with it for a setup that could be straight out of a magazine. White lacquer bookshelves can help complete the look and make it easy to stay organized as well.

Even just a single piece of white lacquer furniture will instantly elevate the style and sophistication of a space. You can pair it with other lacquer pieces or let it shine on its own - either way, it's sure to be one of your favorite pieces of furniture in the room.