Planters + Terrariums

Live plants can be an amazing decorative addition to any home. Whether you want to create a lush landscape outdoors or add some cheerful greenery to your indoor spaces, west elm’s decorative planters provide the perfect homes for all kinds of living botanicals. From a small guest bathroom with a sunny window to a corner of your home office that gets a healthy dose of indirect sunlight each day, there are many different nooks and corners in your home that can benefit from the addition of a happy plant friend. Our planters are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles, providing you with the perfect stylish vessel to complement your home decor and let your lovely living things flourish.

Botanical decor can add a lot of wonder and beauty to a room. From dramatically geometric succulents and cacti to giant fiddle leaf figs and sweet little epiphytic tillandsia air plants, even a tiny plant can add a lot of joy to your life. If you consider yourself to be a poor plant parent, opt for a low-maintenance plant such as a philodendron or simply fill one of our planters with a realistic fake. Ultimately, though, plants don’t need much to survive – just proper sunlight and adequate water. Find a sunny spot in your home that doesn’t get too hot from strong midday rays and you’ve already won half the battle.

With styles ranging from mid-century-inspired wooden silhouettes to glam metallic geometrics, our selection of decorative planters fits in perfectly with your home decor. Whatever your tastes are, we have something to suit, from spartan industrial concrete to sweet hand-painted ceramic. Many of our decorative planter styles are available as individually sold collections that you can group together or mix and match with other styles to create an eclectic mix unified by the plants inside. Choose the styles and colors that work best for each individual room in your home to give your plants their best chance to fit in and enhance your decor.

Combine your decorative planters with vases and other decorative objects to create pleasing vignettes throughout your home. If you have plants that need bright light placed in front of a sunny windowsill, consider adding some colorful glass objects d’art or vases to the shelf or table holding the plant. That way, you’ll get a stained glass effect to accent your plant and showcase it at its best. If you choose to use a decorative planter with glass walls, be aware that glass can magnify the sun’s rays and cause delicate leaves to scorch. Even sunlight-craving cacti can end up a little too sunny in a glass terrarium, so be sure to place these planters in front of a light-filtering curtain or distance them from the window so the sun isn’t shining directly into the glass.

We offer some large decorative planters that are perfect for dressing up your home’s entryway or adding a dramatic mini garden arrangement to a spacious living room or dining area. On the other side of the coin, we offer plenty of small planters that are perfect for small open spots on a sun-facing table or for groupings of multiple baby plants together in planters of different heights and texture. With so many choices available, you can get really creative and use everything from tiny forests to stately potted trees to decorate your home.

Some of our decorative planters are suitable for use outdoors too. Use these planters to create a privacy screen on an urban patio or to add cultivated botanical accents to the wild natural landscape of a beach house. No matter where you use them, you can count on these planters to bring a dash of contemporary design sophistication to the party.

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