Duvet Covers

There is nothing quite like the right bedding to keep you warm and cozy during a long winter. After a long day, it’s especially rewarding to relax under the covers and watch a little television, or to just drift off and have a relaxing night’s sleep. The right kind of bedding is also much more than functional; it often serves to outfit a bedroom, serving as the focal point of decoration. In addition to comfort, look for duvet covers and pillow shams that accent and complement the existing colors of your bedroom, completing your entire ensemble.


Color is one of the most important considerations when selecting a duvet cover. Many people often buy a duvet as opposed to a comforter so they have more than just a plain white option. Adding a duvet cover with a hint of color or an exceptional pattern really can enliven a bedroom. Decide whether you would like to complement or contrast the color palette of your bedroom with your duvet cover. Neutral colors and gray bedding work well with nearly any color scheme, adding warmth or depth to a room. Add vibrancy and joy to a room with bright colors, such as yellow or purple, both of which work well against beige, nude or white walls. Patterns and themes also add touches of elegance and sophistication to a room. Opt for duvet covers and pillow shams with gem or stamp designs, stripes other geometrical patterns to add texture to the room.


Material is another thing to think about when choosing a duvet cover and matching pillow shams. Pick something that you love the feel of against your skin. A duvet should be comfortable and luxurious. Many eco-friendly consumers are switching to organic bedding such as organic cotton. Choosing a duvet cover of organic cotton and a high thread count provides incredible softness as well as versatility. Organic cotton is a highly durable material and is an excellent choice for duvets that may need frequent washings. If you have young children or pets at home, organic cotton is an ideal choice not only for usability, but for comfort. Other choices include Belgian flax linen, a wonderful and soft material that provides comfort and durability. west elm offers an entire line of Belgian flax linen, so you are able to not only match your sheets and bed sheets with 100 percent Belgian flax, but your windows as well with Belgian linen curtains. Sateen is another excellent choice for softness. It’s a great choice in summer and fall, and feeling soft sateen against your skin helps you stay comfortably. This material works well as a duvet cover or pillow sham. Easy to care for, sateen makes you feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud. Embroidered and beautifully patterned duvets and shams are also available, and they make beautiful additions to any bed ensemble.


When you’re putting a bedroom look together, the addition of decorative pillows completes the designscape. Match pillows by either material or color, or mix and match to give your bedroom an eclectic feel. Pillow covers made of Mongolian lamb’s wool and velvet add a distinct air of elegance to the room while also providing the highest level of comfort. Simple linen covers also work well for a softer look. Add differently sized pillows and bolster shams for plenty of cozy variety.


Many of our duvet covers, shams and bedding available also have the ability to be monogrammed. This is not only a terrific treat for your own bedroom suite, but these types of duvets and sheets also make great ideas for wedding gifts, housewarming parties, holidays and other special occasions. Monogramming gives you the ability to add one initial or several, depending on the specific duvet and sham set.

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