GreenPan® Collaboration

At west elm, we know that having high-quality cookware and tools in the kitchen makes it easier to conquer even the most intricate recipes. That’s why we offer our GreenPan® Collaboration so you can whip up delightful breakfasts and sweet treats for dessert in style. Based in Drongen, Belgium, GreenPan® is dedicated to sustainable products and production, so you can rest easy knowing your pans are health- and eco-conscious. Known as the pioneers of safe and healthy alternatives to nonstick cookware, you can cook any recipe you want without worrying about foods and sauces sticking to your pan.

Our GreenPan® Collaboration applies their expertise in a multilayer stainless-steel collection that is designed exclusively for us. Crafted from recycled post-manufacturing content, this modern cookware collection is good for the environment so you can cook without guilt. These pots and pans quickly and evenly distribute heat to your food and the nonstick coating means you can cook with fewer fats, oils and butter. Our GreenPan® also includes bakeware, such as round baking pans. so you can make pies and casseroles right in the oven. Each piece features a nonstick ceramic coating that doesn’t release any toxic fumes even under high heat up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

These pans are made of durable anodized aluminum that heats quickly and evenly, making it suitable for sauces. The high-conduction coating is superb for searing and frying meat and seafood. Because the nonstick coating is made of ceramic, you’ll want to use the proper cooks’ tools to avoid damaging the surface. Make sure to avoid metal utensils. Instead, stick to plastic, silicone or wood varieties to prevent scratches and deterioration of the nonstick coating. Our GreenPan® cookware is available as individual pieces so you can select the ideal pan for your needs or as complete sets so you can outfit a new kitchen with all of the essentials.

Our GreenPan® bakeware is oven safe up to 480 F so you can make everything from baked vegetables to baked Alaska for a delightful dessert. Some pieces in this collection can be cleaned in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleanup while others should be hand-washed to maintain integrity. Make sure to check care instructions to ensure your GreenPan® cookware lasts for years. If you are equipping your kitchen for the first time, make sure to select cleaning supplies, such as paper towels and a dish rack, so you can clean up in a hurry and get back to enjoying your friends and family.

Pair your GreenPan® cookware with organization and storage that exemplifies the brand’s commitment to environmentally friendly products. Because GreenPan® features both stainless-steel and ceramic cookware, you can create a cohesive look by pairing with the same materials when selecting canisters for food storage. Glass kitchen storage makes it easy to see what’s inside each container for quick access while ceramic adds a contemporary touch that is right at home in the big city or in the farmhouse.

Our collaboration with GreenPan® includes a variety of pots and pans to suit your needs. The Dutch oven is ideal for making stews and even homemade bread while fry pans are workhorses in the kitchen and can be used for everything from scrambling eggs to creating sweet, candied sauces. The 2- and 3-quart saucepans are great for making gravies to drizzle on meat or for pasta sauce when you feel like making Italian-inspired dishes. This cookware can be used on both indoor and outdoor kitchen burners so you can take outdoor entertaining to the next level. The grill pan from GreenPan® features high ridges so oils and fats drip away from foods resulting in healthier meals. Make sure to pair your GreenPan® grill with outdoor dinnerware in acrylic or ceramic for a complete arsenal.