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All flatware sets from west elm are designed to deliver strength and beauty to your dinner table. Appearance-wise, guests see the beautiful yellow gold, silver, rose gold or matte black finish on these exquisite utensils. What guests don’t see is the stainless-steel core that gives these pieces strength and durability. The combination of beauty and quality makes these classically styled flatware pieces into heirloom pieces that look beautiful on your dining table and provide your family with years of use.

These flatware sets are offered in different quantities, and that makes it easy to pick up the pieces you need to match your dinnerware. Sets include a five-piece setting for one, a 20-piece setting for four and a 60-piece setting for 12 people. A place setting for one is ideal if you already have a flatware set and are matching extra pieces to accommodate an extra family member or have lost pieces to replace. A 20-piece setting for four is nice for a smaller family or a couple hosting a small, cozy gathering. Place settings for 12 are best for larger family get-togethers and hosting small dinner parties with a few close friends.

Each place setting includes five pieces for setting an elegant semi-formal or formal table. The pieces in each setting include a dinner fork, salad fork, teaspoon, tablespoon and dinner knife. When you are in the mood for a more casual dining experience, simply leave the extra spoon and fork off the table. When you are creating a more formal setting, add matching serving utensils like cheese spreaders, salad serving spoons and forks, cake serving utensils and cheese knives to the tabletop decor.

These eating utensils come in a variety of classic styles and edgy, surprising finishes that look stunning on your dinner table. The finishes are electroplated gold, silver, antiqued stainless-steel and rose gold bonded to an 18/0 stainless core. Two of the more traditional general styles include the silver pieces and the antiqued stainless pieces. The antiqued, forged stainless-steel pieces provide a two-toned finish that looks wonderful with colorful or classic white dinnerware, tablecloths and napkins. Silver pieces provide some of the more iconic, traditional looks in table settings, and come in a variety of patterns to complement different styles. Smooth, scratch-resistant designs with simple lines provide versatility and complement almost any style of dinnerware.

Create a contemporary dining experience that features black and white contrasts for a modern look. Enjoy entertaining friends as everyone gathers around and admires the elegance of your table setting and enjoys the meal you prepare. Place black and white salt and pepper shakers on the table along with black flatware, napkins and a centerpiece featuring black and white LED candles or boldly colored foliage. The colors and styles inspire conversation, and the way the pieces combine to create a themed look helps make the meal an event to remember.

When extra elegance is the order of the day, nothing shines quite like gold. Gold flatware comes in traditional yellow tones that catch and reflect the light and rose gold hues that add a soft, coppery glow to your tabletop. Spread a beautiful tablecloth or runner on the table, then layer pieces like a gold charger that matches your dining utensils and solid colored plates and bowls. Choose glassware that sparkles in the light from your chandelier or sculptured lighting fixture. Add gold bar utensils to pluck ice cubes from the ice bucket or mix up cocktails and mocktails for guests. Alternatively, serve after dinner coffee and tea in chunky mugs embellished with shiny gold and rose gold graphics, making sure each guest has a spoon to stir in cream or dissolve sugar cubes if desired.

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