Dinnerware Sets

Perhaps you know exactly what you want your dining room to look like from the tablecloth all the way down to the napkin rings. Or maybe you are looking for a little inspiration for your everyday family dining or the next big event that you host. The dinnerware sets you choose go a long way in setting the tone you want at mealtime and for entertaining. Whether you are looking for something simple and modern or something colorful and retro, we have the right set to fit your needs at west elm.

You can give your table a one-of-a-kind look with dinnerware sets finished with a reactive glaze. These dinnerware sets are specially treated so that when they are fired the glaze has multiple colors and no two pieces are identical. Dusty mint or black and white glazes give you options that will work with almost any decor you’ve chosen. The colored glazes are also a suitable choice for themed events like bridal showers or anniversary parties. You can pair your new dinnerware set with our beautiful table linens to tie all the details together.

A terrific option for your everyday dinnerware is our organic sets. These pieces are made to be slightly stretched and imperfect instead of the typical perfect rounds that you find in other sets. The organic shapes contrast with the brilliant pristine white glaze on all of the dishes to make a striking presentation for everyday dining or special occasions. With a simple white dinnerware set, you have ample opportunity to draw more attention to your flatware, food and other elements of your dining room table. Another option for a simple set of dishes for your table is dinnerware with a simple, raised seam pattern. These dishes are perfectly round, unlike the organic, yet they still have the solid colors and minimalist designs that let other elements of your table shine through.

It’s also possible for you to both create the look you want and help support a good cause at the same time. We offer a hand-painted line of dinnerware made by artists. These artists are well known for the bead-like patterns in the products they create. Each of these dinnerware sets is hand painted and the purchase of these sets help support the workshop that they are part of and allow them to bring their work to people around the world. These pieces come in several colors and patterns to fit a variety of decor and styles. A new set of glassware is a great complement to this handcrafted dinnerware set.

If you want something with a minimal pattern and also a bit of color, our gilded dinnerware set is a wonderful option. The edges are decorated with a metallic finish to give them a bright and sparkling design. These dishes are dishwasher-safe even with their unique metallic finish, which means they clean up easily, but they are not intended to go in the microwave. The metallic finishes add a bright sparkle to your table. Along with these unique offerings, we also carry a number of traditional styles of dinnerware. Geometric designs and textured designs add great flair to your dining table and give you a refined yet lively backdrop for your food and other dinnerware pieces. They’re ideal when you want to keep the focus on your food or shift it to another area of the table. Traditional and simple designs allow you to focus attention on your serving trays and other serveware. Many of our serveware products actually match our dinnerware sets. This enables you to tie all of your pieces together when you present your dishes.