Occupying a useful space between ordinary beds and sofas, daybeds are versatile furniture pieces for homes of any size. Whether you have a small apartment without a dedicated guest room or you live in a larger home but like to have multitasking furniture in places like your home office, west elm’s daybed selection has just the right piece for your needs. From languid weekend naps to holiday sleeping space for family members, our daybeds provide a cozily stylish sleeping surface for any occasion. These sofa-bed hybrids are also useful for lounge seating setups or out-of-the-way comfort in places like entryways and sun rooms.

No matter how you choose to use it, your daybed will be a welcome presence in a well-appointed home. Our daybed options cover a wide range of styles and give you the opportunity to choose the specific look and feel you need to match with your personal home decor style. You can customize the daybed you choose with decorative accessories like throw pillows and blankets to add pops of color and pattern, and the cover you choose for the daybed mattress can also have a big influence on the overall style of the piece. Choose elements that complement the decor in the rest of your house and reflect your unique preferences.

You can also customize your daybed by choosing a mattress firmness that suits your taste. Most of our daybeds have a slatted wood base much like our beds, and you’ll simply need to add a mattress to complete the setup. Daybeds typically call for twin size mattresses, creating just the right amount of seating and sleeping space for a smaller room. You may want to choose a firmer mattress and add a plush mattress topper to create the right balance of support and softness to make both sleeping and sitting on your daybed a cozy experience. If you find that the mattress topper makes the daybed too soft for regular sofa use, you can simply remove it and store it until an overnight guest arrives.

Once the mattress is installed on the daybed, you’ll want to cover it with a specially designed daybed mattress cover or a sheet. Opting for sheets makes it easy to change up the look of your daybed and quickly clean up any spills or stains that may occur during late-night movie watching marathons that include plenty of tasty snacks. If you prefer a neutral look, you can opt for a solid-color sheet, but you can also introduce prints and patterns to add more visual interest to your home.