Compact Sofas

Even when you have limited space in your living room or family room, you still need comfortable and stylish furnishings. Our compact sofas solve space issues with style, and you can anticipate delightful comfort as you spend time in your living areas. These west elm sofas offer all of the decorative elements you desire, including beautiful shapes and designs as well as colors and fabrics that fit virtually every decorating style.

Whether you’re furnishing an apartment or a small living room, choosing a compact sofa can be a delightful solution. You don’t have to sacrifice one ounce of style with these sofas. Many of them even recline for extra relaxation after a long day. Consider choosing an ultra-modern sofa with clean lines and a distinctive shape. If you prefer something a little more traditional, there are styles to match this decor as well. By the time you add pillows and throws, you’ll have created a finished ensemble that matches your decorating personality.

Imagine pairing a compact sofa with other furnishings in your living area. These sofas work beautifully with recliners, swivel and glider chairs. Even if you have limited space and need furniture with a smaller footprint, you can often fit at least a small grouping into a seating area.

Adding a plush and colorful rug to a room can be a beautiful way to anchor a seating area. Our patterned rugs are not only rich in vibrant colors, but they also offer unsurpassed comfort and warmth when you place them on the floor of your living room or family room. With a compact couch in a neutral color, you can really make your room pop with energy if you choose a patterned rug in a bright hue.

What these compact sofas lack in size they make up for in style. If you prefer the rich color and supple feel of leather, you’re in luck. We have a generous assortment of sofas available in both lighter and darker leather shades. The classic appeal of a leather sofa gives your living area a timeless feel, and you can expect the leather to age gracefully, developing a delightful patina over time.

Get ready to lounge and kick back in style with our compact sofas that fit into virtually any space. In fact, these sofas are even at home in an office or bedroom, thanks to their smaller footprint. Sit back, relax and enjoy.