Teen Furniture for New Looks at Home

Redecorate your home now with new teen furniture looks that blend the best of a youthful vibe with the sophisticated lines, silhouettes and materials of your favorite west elm furnishings. Most teenagers have opinions about what they'd prefer in their bedrooms, but with these stylish pieces made just for them, it's easy to discover elements everyone loves. Choose a bed and dresser set with an ottoman and vanity for a bedroom. In a kids lounge, check out seating, rugs, bookshelves and more. Add a few pieces they select to common areas of the home to encourage them to mingle with the rest of the family. With high-end teen furniture choices like these, it's time to start shopping now.

How to Shop for Teen Furniture

Approach teen furniture shopping just like you would look at your other rooms. A sense of proportion, an eye for design, plus plenty of your favorite colors and textures combine to create rooms that showcase good taste and personal style.

  • Check out teen bedroom furniture, like a bed that's sized for growing kids. Then, adorn it with bedding that highlights their evolving taste. Lines become minimalist, while texture comes to the forefront.
  • Discover dressers, chests and other storage. Vanities, desks and other furniture with lots of drawers becomes more important as your kids become teenagers. Now that they have their own things, they need the space to get organized.
  • Make a decision together about whether teen bedrooms are best as insular design spaces with an aesthetic all their own or if you're going to furnish and decorate to flow with the rest of your home. If the answer is somewhere in the middle, look for colors that complement your home's palette and then leave room for design surprises.
  • Always shop for high-quality teen furniture. That way, you can switch up the vibe in their room with accents and decor, but enjoy well-made pieces for years to come.

Teen Bedroom Furniture Everyone Loves

Explore the classic furniture pieces to find upscale details, silhouettes and proportions that look great in almost any room, plus materials you love to see and touch.

  • For those who are committed to sustainable living, shop GREENGUARD Gold Certified Furniture. You can feel confident about doing your part when you choose these carefully curated and crafted pieces.
  • Set up an entertainment area so teens can be proud to have friends in their bedroom or another room. Teens gravitate towards low couches, soft chairs, personalized elements and on-trend colors.
  • A study area designed just them to concentrate makes a big impact in a bedroom or common office. Pick out a desk with a stylish desk chair that inspires them to get to work.

Decor and Accents to Pair with Furnishings

Make space for decor and accents to go with new teen furniture. When changing the look in your teen's bedroom, you can transform the aesthetic to suit where they are in life with accents like blackout curtains, mirrors, interesting lighting and more.