Midcentury Wall Art and Decor

Pull the eyes to your walls with distinctive style with the midcentury wall art we have on offer at west elm. It’s never been easier to infuse bright patterns and colors into your rooms as it is with these beautifully framed pieces. Whatever style and decorating theme you have selected for your living areas, you can find wall art to complement and enhance it.

Perhaps you need to start your room decor with wallpaper and paneling first. While patterned wallpaper is one option, you might also choose a more subdued foundation for your walls to set the stage for the wall art and decor you’ll add later. From bold metallics to wallpapers that replicate rustic, natural woods, these surfaces can be an ideal backdrop for vivid and colorful framed art on the walls.

If you’re looking for wall art that’s just a little different and eclectic, we have some exciting options for you to consider. Recycled metal wall art in various shapes and configurations could be the ideal choice for a blank space on a wall. Wall art is also a lovely choice above a fireplace. Mounting this type of large art piece above media consoles and media cabinets is a distinctive pairing that won’t go unnoticed. You could even add showy vases in various sizes and heights. Fill the vases with silk flowers and greenery to accessorize your media console beautifully.

Combining midcentury wall art and decor with handcrafted wall decor and mirrors is another beautiful option to consider. Mirrors have a way of opening up even the most limited spaces and helping them seem larger and lighter. You could try placing a mirror on the opposite wall from your other wall art to reflect the pieces and bring the colors over to the other wall as well.

In the bedrooms, your beds may be the obvious focal point. If you mount midcentury wall art and decor over the beds, the eye will immediately travel to this point upon entering the bedrooms. When you pick up the colors of the room in the framed pieces, they work together beautifully to create a harmonious scene. Mix and match colors from your bedding, your window treatments and your rugs for a pleasing combination. It’s easy to create a restful oasis in the bedroom if you choose calming colors such as blue and green. Adding a pop of orange or red could create just the effect you want as well.

Combining wall art with other wall organization is a beautiful decorating touch that also adds a functional feel to your room. Shelves and display ledges not only add visual interest to your walls, but they also provide you with distinctive options for storage as well. Wall shelves will hold your book collection as well as other decorative accessories that add character and appeal to your living spaces. Try stacking a couple of floating shelves on a blank wall, filling them with vases, trays and other decorative accessories. Flank the floating shelves on each side with a dramatic framed print in a vivid design to finish the effect. This is not the sort of wall decor that will escape attention, and you’re sure to get multiple compliments about this wall ensemble from family and friends.

While framed prints are a lovely touch for any living room or bedroom, there are other options as well. You could choose handmade paper, bright ink prints or even colorful hand-welded iron that’s woven in fascinating patterns. Bringing out your unique decorating style is easy to do when you turn to midcentury wall art and decor for your walls.

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