Platform Beds Add Lift in The Bedroom

Give your bedroom a boost when you select a platform bed for your mattress. These chic bed frames look modern and stylish while maintaining a minimalist decor. Save space in a smaller room or highlight the sleek lines of your furnishings in a larger one. Available in gorgeous wood or gleaming metal finishes, the wide array of styles makes it easy to shop platform beds.

What Are Platform Beds?

A platform bed is a bed frame constructed for simplicity and comfort. The design consists of a single platform or sturdy surface crafted for high-quality. Many people love the platform bed for its basic versatility.

  • Your mattress rests atop the platform. This bed doesn't require a box spring.
  • Some platforms rest on the ground. Others have low legs. Tapered ones add visual appeal.
  • Platform beds often skip the headboard in favor of staying low profile, but you can still find many with beautiful headboards at west elm.

Do You Need A Headboard?

There's no right or wrong answer to the headboard question.

  • If you like having something to lean against in bed, get one.
  • You may also like a headboard to add drama to a bed that's pulled away from the wall.
  • If you prefer fewer design details or like to stretch overhead, choose a platform without a headboard.

Shop these modern beds to give a little lift to your mattress today.