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Our Paint Palette with Sherwin-Williams

Whether you're craving a total reset or just want to refresh a small, tired space, it's hard to beat the impact of white. A coat of the right white can totally transform dated wood moldings or kitchen cabinets, reinvent a brick wall or rejuvenate a piece of furniture. A warm shade like Westhighland White can create the feeling of sun-washed walls. Then add some brighter accents—try sea-inspired blues like Bora Bora Shore or Freshwater, Dancing Green to channel a fresh-mown lawn, or sunny Daffodil or a warm terra cotta like Rejuvenate to boost your space and your spirits. Try these richer hues in unexpected places like the inside of bookshelves, a powder room, entrance hall or an accent wall. Want something a little softer + lighter? Colors like Flattering Peach or Faint Coral are can't-miss, livable shades to wrap a whole room in.

Tips for choosing colors like a pro:

  • Use different shades of the same color to create depth. Instead of standard white, try painting trim a deeper shade of the wall color, or use the same hue in a high-gloss finish.
  • Try a satin finish on walls instead of the typical flat finish paint. It gives darker or richer colors more depth, looks more polished, and— bonus points—is easier to clean.
  • In a small, dark room, don't assume you have to go with white or light colors. A darker hue can actually visually enlarge the space because it makes corners disappear and furnishings pop.

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