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Cookware + Bakeware

In addition to a home that’s decorated to your standards and is comfortable to relax in, you also want your dining room and kitchen to be on point with all of the latest professional equipment and electrics. With the right tools you can cook and present wonderful and delicious meals to your family and friends. Whether you’re simply whipping up a pan full of taco meat on a Tuesday night, or you're creating a holiday extravaganza for your extended family and friends, having the right cookware and bakeware makes preparation easier, cooking more seamless and helps make cleanup a cinch. Shop west elm for pieces that are perfect to immediately add into your kitchen ensemble, from nonstick frying pans to glass loaf pans.

Cooking is a skill and an art, but sometimes you want added convenience, especially in the middle of the week. The right cookware can minimize your cooking time, and bring more confidence to your recipes. Whether you’re replenishing some old cookware or have just moved into a new place and want a fresh outlook on things, there are a few staples and must-haves to add to your repertoire. If you’re unsure, a good rule of thumb is to start out with a cookware set. Whether it’s a small set or one that includes several pans and included lids, sets are very helpful when you’re first beginning. You may want to opt for a set of nonstick cookware. Easy to clean, nonstick pans take some of the grunt work out of cooking and cleaning. Look for a set that includes a frying and a saute pan, as well as several saucepans. Having included lids is certainly a benefit, as you’ll have tight-fitting lids that help to lock in moisture. You also have the choice to buy single pieces of cookware. Look for copper and stainless-steel options that are great additions to your existing cookware set. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and great for use in a frying pan or Dutch oven; your food is sure to be cooked evenly and thoroughly every time. Stainless-steel is also highly durable and is often naturally non-stick.

You may also want to improve on your current set of kitchen tools and utensils and specialty cookware. It’s never too late to learn a new recipe or to try a new method in the kitchen, and having the correct professional tools and cookware on hand definitely raises your confidence level. Consider adding steamers, grill pans and Dutch ovens to your set, allowing you to grill on your stove top, steam vegetables or rice and make savory stews and soups.

Baking is another fine art that’s definitely less frustrating with the right tools. Shop a wide variety of bakeware to not only make desserts, but to prepare wonderful side dishes, entrees and casseroles as well. Similarly to cookware, nonstick baking dishes are a great idea, especially if you’re just getting your feet wet with baking. These nonstick-coated surfaces are always non-toxic, so you know that nothing harmful ever makes its way into your food. Easy to clean, baked goods simply spring right off of the nonstick surface, and the pan is easy to wash and wipe down. Whether you’re baking brownies or assembling a casserole, most of these baking dishes are also dishwasher safe, and safe to put in the refrigerator or freezer. Having glass baking dishes on hand is also a plus for certain recipes and casseroles. Solid, glass dishes cook and bake food evenly, allowing you to make everything from enchiladas to cake with glass square, rectangular and loaf pans.

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