Dinnerware Collections

Whether you’re moving to a new home and want new dinnerware, are looking for a special set for entertaining or just need a few select pieces, there are plenty of options at west elm. We have numerous dinnerware collections for you to choose from, which are suitable for everyday use as well as for special occasions.

Bone china is a common choice for dinnerware. Invest in a complete set and you’ll be able to lay numerous place settings with side, salad and dinner plates as well as cups and saucers. The white hue of bone china suits any table design so you can enjoy casual meals each day or dress the table up when entertaining and for special occasions like holidays and intimate dinners for two. Use a tablecloth or place mats, napkins and a centerpiece when hosting a dinner party. Suitable for use in the microwave and dishwasher, bone china is a resilient choice for long-lasting use.

Celadon porcelain has been crafted in China for centuries. The jade coloring reflects Chinese tradition and the soft shade can be dressed up or down depending on whether it’s for everyday use or a dinner party. The hand-glazed dinnerware is put through a firing process that enhances its translucency.

Organic shaped dinnerware has lightly stretched edges so that none of the pieces are perfectly round. This simple twist to a classic design is incredibly striking. A metallic rim adds a glamorous touch to each plate, mug and bowl. For a colorful addition to your hand-glazed set, an abstract brushstroke design with gold leaf is the crowning point. The gold leaf has been treated so you can use these glamorous plates every day and not just for special occasions.

Textured dinnerware is also a great choice. White stoneware goes well with any table setting and the textured edges add interest. Whether you prefer lines, dots, honeycomb or any other patterns, this type of dinnerware brightens up every mealtime.

A perfect match for minimalist decor is geometric dinnerware, which is more modern and edgy than other types.

Reactive glaze dinnerware has an unusual glaze that has been specially fired to produce variegated coloring. Due to the technique used, each piece is unique with a subtle difference in every item’s design. Choose distinctive coloring with a contrasting rim or an exquisite and unusual hue for an unforgettable table setting.

Brighten up a neutral table setting with patterned dinnerware. Go for painted strokes or a spotted design that resembles colored splatters on a white background. An abstract design adds artistic flair to your dining table. Bold and colorful designs of stripes, dots and bead-like patterns are fun.

Combine textures and patterns, such as ribbed sides with speckles, for a simple yet effective look on mugs and bowls. The casual appeal gives a relaxed feel to your breakfast and first hot drink of the day. As a unique touch, have each one monogrammed so that every member of your household knows which mug and bowl is his or hers. Or give a monogrammed set of them as a special housewarming gift.

Use brightly colored serving bowls that are inspired by traditional textile designs, displaying vibrant patterns and bold colors that really stand out. Go for floral designs, hearts, chevrons, zigzags, diamonds and animals for a cheerful table setting. They’re sure to be a talking point among your guests.

Choose salad plates that feature humorous pictures of animals with their own funny characters. Kids in particular love these cute images, and you’ll smile at their delight when they finish their food to reveal the pictures underneath.

With all these choices, why not invest in more than one dinnerware set? You never know what occasion lies just around the corner.

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