Alta Dinnerware

The way you set the table for a meal immediately conveys the impression you’re striving to give. Whether it’s a casual affair or a formal dinner, we have just the dinnerware to get you on track. At west elm, our Alta Dinnerware Collection consists of beautiful stoneware dishes in a variety of colors to enhance your dining table and create the desired mood for the occasion.

Not just for special occasions, this dinnerware collection is also suitable for everyday use. The stoneware plates, bowls and dishes are all microwave-safe, and you can pop them in the dishwasher after a meal for easy cleaning.

A salad plate is a must with every place setting and this collection has a subtle ombre design on each piece. The reactive glaze finish is hand-applied, giving the dishes a shiny appearance and protective coating.

For an Italian meal or a pasta side dish, a pasta bowl is specifically designed to keep the contents inside the dish instead of splashing over the side of a plate. The raised sides and wide diameter make it easy to spoon or fork pasta instead of chasing it around a plate. Of course, you don’t have to restrict your use of the pasta bowls to pasta. Their versatile design means they’re just as useful for serving soup, noodles or even dipping sauces for fresh bread. With their many uses, they also make a terrific gift idea.

When a bowl isn’t needed, a standard dinner plate suffices, but there’s nothing standard about the Alta Collection. The ombre hue decreases from the center to the outer edge of each plate and the glaze finish creates a crackle effect that is incredibly striking.

Serve your food in a round serve bowl that has gently sloped sides to distinguish it from a normal bowl. Choose which diameter you prefer depending on the size of the dish to be served. Alternatively, a large oval platter is ideal when there’s no risk of the food spilling off the plate. Use this to display and serve meats, bread, cheese or appetizers in a decorative way. Place it in the center of the table and let guests help themselves to the delicious food.

The Alta Collection has subtle shades of color that create a calm feeling at mealtimes. Choose from white, charcoal, turquoise or light gray for a slightly formal yet stylish look at the table. Alternatively, go for their bright colors to create a Mediterranean feel as you dine. Made in Portugal, these cheerful colors are apt and you can choose the bold colors of orange and yellow as well as those previously mentioned. Go for a complete set of the same color for a uniform look or mix and match the colorful plates for a truly Mediterranean place setting. Don’t forget to choose place mats and napkins that complement the colors of the dinnerware. Complete your Alta Collection and stock up on bowls for breakfast with matching mugs so you can start each day eating and drinking from this beautiful stoneware.