Fleischer and Wolf

Founded by two former chefs who met in the foodie town of Charleston, South Carolina, Fleischer and Wolf is a company that cares about and focuses on food. The two chefs partnered together so they could give food lovers and cooks across the globe access to the high-quality equipment and know-how needed to make their own food creations at home. The result of their collaboration is fabulous cookware like hammered copper frying or sauté pans and titanium-infused aluminum sets of pots and pans. Each of the pots and pans is carefully designed for optimal cooking with easy clean-up. It’s the best of both worlds.

As an at home chef with awesome cookware, you might want to dress the part with an apron. The apron will protect your clothes, so you won’t have to worry about splatters or spills. Much like the professional chefs, you can focus on prepping and cooking tantalizing food.

Having the right tools is key in cooking whether you are the one in charge or a sous chef in the making. You’ll certainly need sharp cutlery to help with the prep work and reduce prepping time. A handy chef’s knife or a utility knife is a universal tool for cutting most foods. Serrated knives are ideal for cutting bread and bagels. Paring knives work well with vegetables and fruit. Many knife sets come with several different types of knives with storing containers that can be left out on the counter for quick retrieval.

Mixing bowls are essential to have in the kitchen. You can prep, stir, mix, concoct and serve with the bowls. Glass or stoneware nesting bowls stack for efficient storage when you aren’t using them. This preserves valuable cupboard space. Varying the sizes of the bowls is appropriate depending on how much food you’re mixing up.

When it’s time to eat, you might want to start off your meal with some appetizers served on trays. A marble or slate boarded tray is ideal for serving Brie, Fontina or Camembert cheese with some crackers and cashews on the side. The long, narrow lacquered trays work well for serving sushi and sashimi. Larger trays can serve an assortment of appetizers. You might want to serve coconut shrimp with mango chutney on one side of the tray and catfish nuggets with cocktail sauce on the other.

Once the appetizers are consumed and the main meal is prepared, use serveware that complements the meal. Serving bowls and platters come in various designs and sizes to contain the food while looking enticing on the table. Deep bowls are ideal for large salads and vegetable dishes. Platters work well for serving meats like pork tenderloin, beef burgundy or chow mein. Porcelain dishes are suitable for casual or fine dining. Wood and acrylic pieces are practically unbreakable, so they can be used indoors or outside when dining alfresco on the patio or porch.

Finish the meal with a delectable dessert served on classy dessert plates. We have elegant designs, classic patterned plates and some with fun sayings in our vast assortment at west elm. Whether it’s a cherry pie, chocolate cake or peach cobbler, your guests will love the sweet ending to a scrumptious meal.

Linger with your company over a cup of coffee or an after dinner drink. A decanter filled with cognac or a liqueur makes an elegant statement and a gracious ending. Conversations with guests can drift on into the night while sipping a light libation. You can refill it as needed. Expect a return visit with guests who appreciate your cooking, serving and hospitality and all because you used the right cooking tools.