Charley Harper Collaboration

We try to find the best of the best to provide top-quality, premium merchandise at west elm. Sometimes, this involves a collaboration with an artist or artisan that specializes in a certain area. The Charley Harper Collaboration allows us to offer a huge variety of artwork in different forms with his signature spirit. As a wildlife conservationist, Harper finds the beauty in nature and adds playful creativity to manifest itself into incredible works of art loaded with imagination. From wall art to glassware, dishes and furniture, he makes the everyday a step out of the ordinary.

The tapestries he has created are colorful, merry and lighthearted. Barn swallows, blue jays, redbirds with redbuds, a gator that isn’t threatening at all and a snow scene span the color palette and awaken your senses. These make awesome gifts for others or pamper yourself and get one for you. Hang one of these tapestries on a high wall over the front door or in a great room to add pizzazz to the area. The tapestries work well in a bedroom, dining room or sunroom too. Provide adequate lighting to illuminate the masterpiece hanging on your wall. Wall sconces emit a soft ambient light, or you can choose a table or task lamp is the right amount of light. Chandeliers shine with brilliance, especially with high ceilings. Choose what works best for the area and to showcase the artwork.

A contoured armchair in this collection has midcentury markings with a tilted seat, comfortable headrest and cool angled legs. The ash wood frame has a dark and mysterious espresso finish. Drape a comfy throw over the back of the chair to be ready and waiting for a quick nap. The throws are amazing with faux fur, gypsy herringbone with fringe, metallic or marbled basketweave designs. Curl up with a good book by a floor lamp to read at night and to wind down at the end of the day. Tripods, arching lamps, globes and cylinders all get the job done and they look fabulous in the process. Floor lamps are functional and necessary, but these look amazing on top of that. You’ll be proud to have them next to your artistically designed chair.

Entertain with platters and trays designed with bulldogs, penguins or flamingos. Load the platters up with sushi, charcuterie, shrimp canapés or guacamole and chips to pass around to guests. Classic serving utensils in copper, marble or gold for making a terrific presentation. Serve the appetizers on festive plates with catchy sayings or plates with funky pictures of animals. We also have abstract designs in this collection that are elegant when serving apps. You can also use the plates for delectable desserts of mousse, pie, cake or cookies.

Get some of the mugs that he designed to drink hot tea, cocoa or coffee. The designs will keep you entertained while you sip on your favorite hot beverage, and they might help you wake up on early mornings. Alternatively, you can use the mugs to make a hot toddy by adding a shot of amaretto or coffee liqueur poured from a gorgeous decanter to the coffee or cocoa with whipped cream on top. Add dark rum or brandy to hot tea and it turns into a cocktail hour.

Glassware and pitchers with eclectic designs turn a regular beverage into an incredible one just by the serveware and the experience. Think of it like having a deep conversation with a friend and turning it into a positive, uplifting talk by getting out these glasses to serve lemonade, iced tea or mojitos. A little levity goes a long way to set the tone. It all started with nature and an incredibly talented artist.