Organic Bedding

When choosing bedding for the bedroom, it’s becoming more and more common to opt for more eco-friendly choices. One of the most heard-about organic materials is organic cotton. When a material is listed as organic, it is very similar to when a consumer is buying produce or other foods named organic. Organic cotton is specifically grown in certain areas, such as the United States and Turkey, without the use of any genetically modified plants (GMOs), or any synthetic chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers. Beyond the scientific and environmental aspect, materials such as organic cotton are especially soft and comfortable, making them highly desired materials for comforters, duvets, sheet sets and pillowcases. west elm offers a variety of different organic bedding materials for the eco-conscious consumer.


When choosing organic cotton for bedding, it’s very important to look at the thread count. Similarly to regular cotton, a sheet set with a higher thread count is more durable and soft. Organic cotton especially stands up well to repeated washing and drying cycles, without fading or pilling, especially with a high thread count. Other organic bedding materials include sateen, which is incredibly soft to the touch, and jacquard, which is a soft, versatile material specifically made on a loom.


Choosing the type of bedding is also important to your comfort level. While everyone requires a sheet set and pillowcases, deciding on a top piece can be challenging. You need something warm and cozy for the winter months, but need something lighter during the summer and fall. An organic duvet cover or comforter keeps you comfortable during cold winters, while a light organic summer quilt is a good choice in summer. Many of the available quilts and coverlets are handcrafted, for an authentic look and feel. Duvet covers typically come complete with matching shams, to complete your bedroom ensemble. For a complete look, add a matching bed skirt to your organic bedding.


Color is also important when it comes to bedding. It’s wise to be eco-conscious and comfortable, but you also need bedding that matches your existing decor. For those that don’t want to spend time finding separate pieces, many bedding collections are available so you are able to see how colors and patterns work when put together. Many of the bedding collections are organic, such as the Geo Sateen collection or the Floral Print collection. If you do want to mix and match colors and style, you have the ability to choose separate pieces from each collection, creating your own unique look. For those that want a specific color scheme, you are also able to shop by color. Neutrals and grays match nearly everything, and take the guesswork out of trying to color match when decorating your bedroom. Search for only brown bedding or neutral bedding, or shop other colors, such as gray, blue and white. Colors are available in different shades so you are able to contrast dark and light palettes with the scheme of the bedroom. It’s also a good idea to mix in patterns with solid colors. Many of the duvet covers and quilts have simple patterns, such as stripes or dots, or embroidery that adds a touch of elegance to the room.


Many of the organic sheets sets available also have the ability to be personalized. Not only does this add a classic, stately touch to your bedroom, but it is an excellent gift idea. Choose personalized bedding for occasions such as housewarmings, weddings and engagements, Mother’s Day or the winter holidays. Monogram the sheet set or coverlet with one initial or several, depending on availability. A personalized gift is always well-appreciated, and organic cotton and other materials truly make a bedroom a comfortable place to retire to at the end of the day.