Bed Skirts & Mattress Toppers

What does it take to make your bed just right? Do you like a cloudlike extra layer of plushness? Are you concerned with covering up the storage boxes you keep underneath the bed? west elm‘s bed skirts and mattress toppers are the ideal solutions to any fine-tuning you‘d like to do to your bedding arrangement. Whether you want to make your bed a little softer or make its appearance a bit more polished, we have just the right pieces for you to use. With a variety of luxe options to choose from, you‘ll be able to make the finishing touches that go from excellence to perfection.

No matter what kind of bedding you‘ve chosen for your bed, our bed skirts can fit seamlessly into your arrangement. We offer bed skirts in a variety of materials, including Belgian flax linen and organic cotton sateen. If you have a box spring or bed base you’d like to cover up but you prefer a more streamlined look over the traditional bed skirt drape, we have solutions for that too, including a box spring cover that‘s available in several colors. Pick the perfect neutral shade to coordinate with your bedroom style and you‘ll have a great solution to give your bed a careful, tidy finish.

From spare, contemporary elegance to an eclectic collection of endearing pieces, there are many ways to make your bedroom match your personality and preferences. But not all of your preferences have to be expressed stylistically. Our mattress toppers fit underneath your layers of bedding, so they’re felt and not seen. But the fact that they aren‘t front and center aesthetically doesn't mean they don‘t make a huge impact on the way you feel about your bedroom. Comfortable and indulgent, our mattress toppers will make your bed feel like a magnet that pulls you in so easily, you‘ll be happy to turn in early.

If you prefer a soft bed you sink into easily, you can see our mattress toppers as a bedding basic just like your pillows. Your head gets extra cushioning, and so should the rest of your body. With options ranging from lightly cushioned mattress pads to sumptuously thick feather beds, you‘ll be able to dial in just the right level of comfort for your sleeping style. Whether you like things marshmallowy soft or you prefer just a little bit of extra padding on top of your mattress, you can find what you need here.

To drape your bedding over ultimate comfort, select the mattress topper fill type that matches your softness preferences and allergy restrictions. For those who prefer the feel of feathers, we offer feather-filled toppers with baffle-box stitching to keep everything in place. We take extra care to make sure the feathers are dust and odor free too, so you can have confidence that your purchase arrives fresh and ready for use. If you prefer not to use feathers, we have several alternative options, including both fiber and down-alternative fill. Simply choose the loft you want and enjoy your newly improved bed setup.

While you‘re shopping for duvet covers and sheets, don‘t neglect the lower levels of your bed. Sometimes, a comfortable mattress, sturdy box spring and beautiful bed frame need a little extra detail to be their best. With our bed skirts and mattress toppers, you can put the icing on the cake and make your bed look great and feel even better than it did before. Indulge your desire for comfort and give some additional polish to the way your bedroom looks with a mattress topper and bed skirt of your choosing.