Aaron Probyn

London, England

Out of his Hackney Wick studio, designer Aaron Probyn uses the contagious creativity of the people of London—from music to fashion—as inspiration for his own projects. Through the mixing and contrasting of materials, his style is an approachable, yet sensory take on minimalism. He worked with us to design an exclusive (and eclectic) collection of tableware.

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Aaron Probyn Collaboration

Anyone who wishes to think outside the box would likely enjoy the work of Aaron Probyn. This London-based designer is known for his eclectic style, which he has infused into both furniture and tableware. Most recently, Probyn has been focusing on tableware, creating his own signature collection that includes pieces with a thoroughly contemporary feel. Probyn enjoys using a variety of materials in his creations, which is evident in the pieces offered under collaboration with us at west elm.

Set an elegantly minimalistic table with pieces from the Seam collection. The distinctive seam in every piece gives this collection its appropriate name. The muted colors of this dinnerware make it easy to pair it with other tableware pieces, including glassware and flatware sets. From pale pink to pale gray to dark blue, we think you’ll enjoy creating a tableware ensemble that showcases these dinnerware pieces. The hand-glazed porcelain is both beautiful and durable, so you can expect to use your plates, bowls and mugs for many years. These pieces are completely safe in both the microwave and the dishwasher, which can streamline your meal preparation and cleanup significantly.

You might even try mixing and matching colors to create an eclectic tabletop. A dinner plate in white, a salad plate in pale pink and a bowl and mug in dark blue makes for an unforgettable combination. If you build a dinnerware set with pieces from every color, you might never set the same table twice. Don’t forget to add serveware pieces to your collection as well to ensure that you present your meals with style. Rounding out your table ensemble, add distinctive napkins and napkin rings as well as placemats, runners and tablecloths. By mixing and matching colors, you can be sure to set a memorable table for family and friends.

Probyn has also created a gorgeous line of glassware that complements the dinnerware pieces well. With a decidedly minimalistic touch, these pieces show off a pleasing hourglass shape that seems to fit virtually any occasion. Choose from both stemmed and stemless red wine and white wine glasses and champagne flutes. This glassware is safe in the dishwasher as well, so you can bring it out every day if you wish. You might also set off your glassware with beautiful coasters to finish the ensemble.

A festive tabletop demands a few extra touches. This is the ideal time to pull out some modern brass candleholders, also designed by Probyn. With his distinctive eye for proportion, Probyn created sculpted candleholders that effortlessly combine a slim silhouette with rounded ends. Made of aluminum, these candleholders have an elegant brass finish. Mix and match the candleholders as a centerpiece, adding the three different sizes to your table. You might even arrange them on trays for a pleasing overall effect. Don’t worry about keeping them beautiful, either. These candleholders wipe clean easily with a dry cloth.

Probyn has even dabbled in bakeware to give you some distinctive options when cooking and baking. His enamel cast-iron Dutch oven is the pot to reach for when you want to seal in the flavor of the foods you prepare. Whether you’re searing a roast or simmering a stew, this Dutch oven promises exceptional results. It’s fully oven-safe, and meals can go from oven to refrigerator to freezer.

One of the takeaways from pieces designed by Probyn is that function should never be equated with dull or boring. Probyn manages to mix in a strong utilitarian feel in his pieces, yet they are so elegant you’ll want to use them repeatedly. Give yourself permission to make every day beautiful with these kitchen and serveware pieces.