All Serveware

Whether you’re conjuring up a large holiday feast for a big group of friends and family or are simply having a small family dinner together on a weeknight, serveware is always a part of your tabletop and meal presentation. Large serving plates allow you to bring everything from poultry to roasts to the table, while serving bowls allow guests to serve themselves with big portions of vegetables, side dishes, casseroles and more. There are also many other different types of specialty serving dishes that not only enliven your table, but allow you to serve a variety of different foods. Shop west elm for modern and contemporary styled serving bowls, dishes and more to make every meal extraordinary.

A small serveware set is helpful to your culinary creativity, so that you have continuity when it comes to your tabletop. Look for a small platter and bowl set in a color that coordinates with your existing table decor, or even better, matches your dinnerware set. You may want to opt to have one set for the holidays, and one set for all of the other meals throughout the year, depending on your preferences. For example, warm harvest colors such as beige and orange look wonderful in your dining room for Halloween and Thanksgiving meals, while light pastels and blues complement Easter or the coming of spring. Soft colors, such as pink, teal and white, work well throughout the year and are versatile enough to work well with your other decor.

You can also opt for singular pieces for a more eclectic feel for your tabletop, enhancing a modern or contemporary feel. There's no need to stick to one color scheme, and you can also choose from myriad patterns to help your table look extraordinary. For example, you may want to opt for a serving bowl that has a black hue, while all of your remaining serveware is white. Additionally, different types of serving bowls also do well with different courses, or are suited for different items on the table. A serve bowl can easily become your go-to salad bowl, and a set of small serving bowls may also be used as soup or salad bowls, making them quite versatile on your table. Beyond regular platters and bowls, you may want to add some specialty serveware to your table. Fish plates, for example, are wonderful to have on hand, especially if you regularly serve salmon, flounder or other fish. Look for fish plates that have a wealth of different designs to add a focal point to your table. Motifs such as owls, abstract art and animals bring a cheerful vibe to the room.

If you find you need a fair amount of serveware, or have a big holiday coming up, you may want to consider a complete set, so you don’t have to shop by individual piece. Look for a set that includes matching platters, bowls, mugs, creamers, sugar bowls and other important pieces for your table, so that you have everything you need to serve your guests. Other good ideas for parties or get-togethers include wood serving bowls and platters. These complement your serving boards and trays well, such as your cheese board. Another great idea is a chip and dip set. Place vegetables, chips and other snacks on the outer shell, while the circle in the middle fits your dips or sauces perfectly. When it comes to desserts. there are other options as well. Match a cake stand or cupcake stand with your coffee and tea service so that the evening can continue on after dinner is over. Cake and cupcake stands are an excellent way to display your desserts and put them within guests’ reach. You may also want to add small, self-serve bowls, so guests can munch on appetizers and after-dinner snacks like peanuts and chips.