Dining Benches + Banquettes

Whether you spend your day conquering a new project a work, running errands or relaxing with a good book, putting a cap on the day with a delicious dinner with your loved ones lets everyone come closer together. A dining bench from west elm is a cozy alternative to standard dining chairs. Dining benches come in a number of different sizes, making it a breeze to find the right size for both your table and seating needs. By incorporating a bench into your eating area, it’s possible to expand the number of seats at your table beyond the fixed number that your chairs provide.

When selecting your piece, choose between a tufted bench or a cushionless bench. Benches without a cushion work well in kitchens with small children. Just wipe away the splatters and drips when mealtime is over. If you’re concerned about the comfort level of a bare bench, a tufted bench takes care of the issue. The cushion permanently attaches to the bench, ensuring that it always stays in place. Good news: When desired, it is a cinch to add a cushion to a plain bench. Just select your desired cushion in the matching size and place it on the bench. Since cushions tend to wear out sooner than the bench surface, you can replace them when needed or desired to keep your dining set looking its best.

Many envision a dapper wood creation when they hear the word “dining bench.” However, rustic wooden benches are just one of the gorgeous possibilities for your home. A contemporary alternative to the traditional wooden bench is a slab bench crafted from stone and iron. The different materials combine to create a striking contrast that looks fantastic in any space. One notable characteristic of these alternative materials is that they are safe for indoor and outdoor use. If you’re searching for a charming addition to your outdoor furniture, a bench is a top choice to optimize your outside seating space. Gleaming stainless-steel is another suitable material for a bench that you plan to use on your patio or deck.

Whether you have a sleek, modern kitchen or a space inspired by a timeless farmhouse, there is a bench sure to complement your decor. Though wood benches are popular for rustic themes, they also work in contemporary rooms. Go for a dark, solid wood, such as sheesham, to accessorize the chic appliances in your home. Other common wood possibilities include oak, mango and pine. Stainless-steel, stone and iron also work well if you prefer an industrial style. Don’t limit the bench to eating areas; if you need extra seating in your entry way, living room or bedroom, a bench is a great option.

If you can’t decide between wood and alternative materials, combine the two for the best of both worlds. Box frame benches meld a wooden top with a sturdy metal frame for a gorgeous update to the classic bench. Choose a top comprised of solid wood, or go for a top engrained with a pattern, like a smart chevron print. Natural variations in the wood’s grain and color lend a one-of-a-kind look to the bench. The end result looks amazing next to your other kitchen furniture, like your buffet table.

Did you know you can make sure your new bench benefits the crafts people who helped make it? Look for a bench that is made in a Fair Trade Certified facility. This certification means that the factory uses fair labor practices and operates using business practices designed to improve the lives of its workers. You can enjoy your furniture to the fullest knowing that it promotes socially responsible ethics.