All Sectionals

Most often sectionals are thought of as being family-friendly furniture pieces partly because even the smallest of this type of living room furniture is larger compared to a standard sofa, and the various inclusive configurations of sectionals are inviting to gatherings of family and friends. Indeed, if you are considering having sectional seating in your living area, let us help you choose the right size and configuration for your particular space. west elm offers sectionals in all sizes from small and mid-size to large. The sectionals are available in several designs and configurations, and you especially have the option of building your own sectional.

Before you start browsing the possibilities, take out your tape measure and find the measurements of the space where you are planning to place the sectional. Take into consideration the space not only for the sectional but also for the space around the furniture. Ideally, you should have enough for a path where you can freely move around the sectional unless you are planning to set it against a wall. Apart from the size of the sectional, factor in its shape and orientation. Sectionals are available in U-shape, L-shape and curved.

For orientation, you will encounter terms such as RAF for right arm facing, LAF for left arm facing and modular, which are usually the armless pieces of the sectional. RAF and LAF simply mean that the arm of the sectional is either on your right or on your left when you are facing the furniture. In the most common configurations such as the L-shape, the chaise is often on the opposite side of the arm. Some of our offerings likewise incorporate sleeper sofas into their sections, which means that you should also factor in the dimensions of the furniture once you fully unfold it when measuring for space.

Taking careful measurements of your available living room space and comparing it the dimensions of the sectional takes care of the nitty-gritty part of purchasing a sectional. Once you are done with it, the task becomes relatively easier. At this point you can start deciding on the style of the sectional. Our furniture is available in either modern or contemporary design. Modern sectionals feature longer legs, angles and strong lines, while shorter legs, plush cushions and traditional accents typify our contemporary offerings. Choose a design that sets the tone you want in your living space or suits the existing design theme in your living room. Go for upholstery fabrics that suit your taste and are in the same dominant hue of your living room decor.