The Henry Collection

Henry® Living Room Collection

A lot of things go into your decision of what sofa or sectional to pick out for your living room. The biggest one is usually the way a furniture collection looks. You’re trying to create a specific vibe, so pieces that fit your design vision and personal style have just checked off an important box on your wish list. Another aspect to focus on is comfort. After all, many living rooms are totally dedicated to the art of relaxation. Practical considerations also make sense, like how big your living room is and whether you’re designing a intimate spot for two or a large space for entertaining family and friends. At west elm, we take all three areas – style, comfort and functionality – into account to help you find furniture that fits your lifestyle seamlessly. Here’s what our popular Henry® Living Room Collection can add to your dream room.

What’s special about the Henry® Living Room Collection? In a word, it’s modern. Sleek and sharp edges stand out in any room, so our Henry® furniture is awesome if you’re looking for an accent piece to grab everyone’s attention. That’s especially the case with striking tones like chocolate, ink blue, moss, berry and wasabi. At the same time – since we know comfort is also important to you – count on abundant backrests and thick cushions to make you close your eyes in happiness and unwind. Bottom line, our Henry® Collection adds contemporary flair to themes that range from classic American to Mediterranean chic.

One big thing that sets our Henry® Living Room Collection apart is its focus on storage furniture. Everything from ottomans to sectionals are available with hidden storage. How can that help? Well, for one thing, it lets you create room designs that are simple and powerful. You don’t need to rely on a lot of bookcases for your stuff when you can stow most things – books, games, movies and more – inside your sofa or sectional. Having fewer overall pieces of furniture, but each one chosen carefully to make a statement, is like turning your living room into a painting. This is a great option if you’ve always dreamed of having an art gallery inspired space with beautiful canvases and other accents that really say something about who you are.

Of course, that’s only one option. If you like the warm feel of a living room filled with memories and mementos of your travels and loved ones, there’s everything right about that. Showing off your collection of books, sculptures and other decor gives the room a laidback and adventurous quality. Things like fuzzy throws and colorful rugs add even more comfort and intimacy to this kind of family room. In that case, a storage sofa, sectional or ottoman serves a different purpose: it lets you keep extra blankets, pillows and games nearby for family night. That way you can watch a new movie with your favorite people in the world, and enjoy some snacks at the same time.

Leather furniture takes both ideas – artistic chic and family-oriented warmth – to the next level. With bright leather, giving your room a downtown New York City penthouse vibe is really easy, especially with lots of lighting, white walls, wood floors and bold photography. Leather is also comfortable and practical for entertaining. Cleaning up accidental spills is usually as easy as wiping them with a soft cloth. It’s almost impossible to resist the pull of sinking back into a leather sectional with tons of space.

Sleeper sofas provide a nice solution for small spaces and large living rooms alike. If you have family members or friends who live out of town, offering them a place to sleep makes them happy and lets you spend more time with them too. Having everyone around the breakfast table in pajamas draws you and your loved ones together in a special way. Living in a cozy apartment is no obstacle to inviting friends to stay over, since your loveseat transforms into a bed and back again whenever you want. In fact, you can even create a hybrid office and spare bedroom easily.

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