Sconces + Decorative Lighting

Brighten up your whole house with lighting that can’t miss. Sconces bring ambience and originality to every area of your home. Use sconces to add focused lighting to your residence. Give pleasure and ease into every task by providing the perfect lighting along with adding flair. Craft and build beautiful clear rooms with the versatility and functionality of our sconces at west elm.

Artwork makes for a fine addition to many area of your home, and pairing it with sconces makes the art even more divine. Use sconces to highlight any type of wall art effortlessly, everything from portraits and family photos to paintings and masterpieces. You can shine a light on sculptures, mirrors, plants and unique gifts or create a focal point out of an architectural feature or piece of furniture. Create balance by using two sconces to flank whatever it is you wish to highlight. Highlighting more objects, such as two pictures, can be balanced by adding an extra sconce in between.

A snug reading nook smoothly comes together when you use sconces for the lighting. Situate sconces on each side of a sofa to provide soft illumination for each comfortable task. You have made an ideal place for sipping your steaming beverage, listening to those favorite songs, reading, relaxing or singing as if no one can hear. You won’t have to invite others into this special nook as it will draw them in. Choosing sconces with flexible hands that can be moved delivers lighting that allows everyone to move the light to fit their own personal preferences.

Lift the moods of visitors in hallways where all will be able to traverse them easily when you use sconces as the lighting source. Let the fun nature of sconces shine through as you decorate your halls. Place evenly and don’t clutter with other types of lighting. Keep the hallway bare and let the sconces do all the talking or add art, mirrors or a thin table for more decoration. Try hanging the sconces on each side of a table. Keep it soft and elegant by placing a few decorative objects there. Try vases, sculptures, pictures or delicate plants to capture and lend to the overall essence of the hallway.

Bring focused task light into the bedroom by creating a safe and balanced look with sconces placed on each side of the bed. Pair with headboards to reach the pinnacle of sophistication. Choosing sconces rather than floor lamps and table lamps frees up space on the floor and nightstand and gives a safe, electrical cord-free environment for children and animals. This also removes the possibility of an unattended lamp being knocked to the ground. You can match sconces easily with any type of bedroom decor. Choose the sconces that are shaped and colored to fit the mood of the room. Try flower-shaped sconces for a floral feel to the room. Use simple-shaped sconces for a more serious tone.

You can situate those sconces in-between windows too. When the natural light fades and you pull shut those curtains, you can turn on the sconces and continue with your activities. You can place the room’s other furnishings to use the natural light most effectually, followed by the lighting provided by the sconce. Choose curtains and drapes that fit your decor and mood as the sconces will highlight them for you. Use decorative sconces that carry their own spark to bring eyes away from the curtains to focus more on the sconces.

Sconces can also shine a proper amount of light in your office or children’s homework area. Inserting sconces between bookcases gives anyone the focused light needed to see and work. Hang a sconce above that desk and reduce clutter and strain while you are working there. Bring together some bookcases and desks to form an office where you eliminate any shadows with well-placed sconces.

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