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Create your dream backyard escape and entertain friends and family in style with the collection of outdoor lounge furniture available we have at west elm. Whether you have a large backyard entertaining space or a small deck or patio, you’ll find what you need here to create an outdoor living space. If you have a lot of space, opt for a large sectional that allows you the room to accommodate big parties. Choose from L-shaped sectionals featuring seating only or go for a combination or seating and corner table units for table surface space to set drinks or decor.

For smaller outdoor spaces or to mix up the seating options, opt for outdoor chairs that suit your style. Choose from materials including wicker and wood for a memorable style statement in your yard. Opt for rattan chairs for a coastal theme or go for a woodsy cabin vibe with wooden chairs. Select an Adirondack chair for added back support and a traditional look or go for a contemporary feel with modern geometric designs that add character. For small spaces, choose folding chairs that you can store in small closets and pull them out when you have guests coming over.

Create the ultimate relaxation space for your yard or set up the ideal poolside retreat with our chaise loungers that are guaranteed to provide hours of comfort. Choose a lounger with a side table so that you can set your favorite beverage, books or sunscreen beside you when enjoying the beautiful weather. Select a chaise lounger with wheels so that you can move each chair easily to the exact spot you want it in. Consider neutral colors for a simple and understated design or go bold with bright patterns in fun colors.

Add handcrafted benches to your outdoor area to create an inviting space for guests or to enjoy evening sunsets with the ones you love. Choose an Earth-friendly wood such as bamboo or recycled pine to keep your space eco-conscious without sacrificing style. Our seat cushions are weather-resistant so you don’t have to worry about bringing in cushions every time it rains or the colors fading in the sunlight. Folding outdoor benches are a terrific way to add extra seating to picnic tables when you have expecting large groups at your gathering. Spindle-back benches create a traditional cabin vibe whereas geometric back benches add contemporary style.

Put your feet up or add singular seating options to your outdoor space with ottomans that suit your designs. All of our wood ottomans are designed to be water-resistant and provide comfort for years. Opt for a cloth or cushion ottoman if you want to use these as chairs or just want fluffy comfort to rest your feet upon. Choose simple wicker ottomans for a tasteful stool that you can stand on to reach decor or just prop your feet up and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space.

Designing your outdoor living space is easy with our collection of outdoor lounge furniture that gives you options to add singular pieces or select entire units. Choose one of our lounge sets to make a quick and easy selection of full units that will get you ready for entertaining. Our lounge sets feature seating options as well as tables so that you can focus on the fun aspects of entertaining. Choose a living set to create an outdoor living area where you can enjoy drinks with your friends. A chair and ottoman set can create cozy corners where you can relax with a good book and enjoy summer afternoons. Choose plain wood or wicker designs or add a touch of nautical style with striped sets.