Wall Shelves + Display Ledges

Having the ability to hang and display things on your walls is key to a satisfying decor and organization setup at home. west elm’s wall shelves and display ledges are an important part of this setup, allowing you to both show off your favorite decorative items and keep everything from vinyl records to charging cables and books stowed away. With the right storage solutions, you can avoid getting overwhelmed by clutter and add some extra charm and interest to your walls. Our shelving options can be part of that effort, allowing you to polish up the look of your place with minimal effort and maximum style.

Bookcases, cabinets and shelving units are suitable for use in any part of the house, and you can use them to store any combination of books, storage baskets, decorative objects, family photos and appliances such as speakers, computer monitors and lamps. From the dining room to your home office and bedroom, wall shelves and display ledges give you additional surfaces to place things that need a home. But while they’re practical, our selections in this category are also inherently attractive thanks to their excellent design and detailing.

In this sense, you can see your wall shelves and display ledges entirely as wall decor elements rather than organizational tools. From warm wooden midcentury inspired options to sleek, spare industrial designs, our freestanding and wall-mounted shelving options add style and flair to any room. Anything you arrange on these shelves will look fantastic with just a little bit of organization. Create vignettes of collectibles, arrange your books by color or display photos of your favorite memories. You can even use these shelves to give your collection of houseplants better access to light or provide space in your entryway for storing bags, hats and keys. No matter what approach you take, you’ll be combining form and function by giving all your various odds and ends a stylish place to go.

While some of our wall shelves and display ledges are perfect for displaying decorative objects and taking on an all-purpose storage function in your home, others have designs that make them more uniquely suited to specific tasks. For example, we offer mesh shelving that’s perfect for storing towels in the kitchen or bathroom and cubby shelving that works well for holding everything from magazines to pet leashes. As you shop for the perfect shelving options, consider what your needs are. If you want to display a favorite heirloom tea set that’s been passed down through the generations in your family, you may want to opt for a display ledge that has a solid bottom and is wide enough to support your teapot and cups without crowding.

Don’t forget to check out our bookcases and other storage furniture as you shop around for an organization and display solution. Our wall shelves and display ledges as presented in this section comprise only part of all that we offer in this area of home furnishing and decorating. With so many options available, you’ll have no problem selecting the perfect match for your unique style of decor and your specific needs.

If you have a disorganized home office or a bathroom that could use some extra counter space, wall shelves and display ledges are an excellent option for pulling everything together and providing more storage versatility. Choose the options that work best with your own sense of style, then determine which sizes and shapes work best with your needs. From the small to the large, this product category contains a multitude of options for you to consider. Start shopping and brainstorming now so you can take advantage of all the wonderful storage and organization opportunities these shelves and ledges present.