Round Tables for Living and Dining Rooms

Round tables have been a classic component of modern home decor for decades. Different materials and bases keep this basic table shape current in your space. Shop for exciting profiles and creative takes to adorn your living and dining areas. Mixing and matching silhouettes is totally fine when you choose high-end furnishings like the ones at west elm.

The Beauty of Round Tables

The round table has been a fixture in so many homes because of its geometric beauty and welcoming appeal. This is a table for amazing conversations. Everyone faces everyone else, so it's easy to share dishes and catch up with friends or family.

  • - Stick to the contemporary classics with styles like a planet table for dining.
  • - Nest tables within each other to enjoy snacks or beverages on the fly and then reclaim your space in a living room.
  • - Experiment with avant-garde bases like symmetrical brackets, lattice work cylinders and tapered legs.

Choosing Silhouettes for Each Room

Round tables look beautiful in every room of your home. Stylistically, they add a sense of fullness and bounty without the large footprint of a rectangular table. Place them anywhere you want to create an airy atmosphere of luxury and polish.