Add Stylish Texture to Any Space with a Silk Pillowcase from west elm

Silk is a refined, highly sought-after material that used to be traded around the world at incredibly high prices. Today, it's a little easier to get, but it's no less luxurious. If you're looking to add an elegant touch to your bedroom or seating area, you can't beat a silk pillowcase for your favorite pillows. Use this guide to learn more about your options at west elm.

What Silk Pillowcase Styles Can I Buy?

Pillows add rich dimension, vibrant texture and exciting color to your bed, side chairs, sofas and sectionals. With silk, you'll be getting a high-quality material that's perfect for your master bedroom or formal living room where you want the best of the best. Here are a few popular silk pillowcase styles you can find at west elm:

  • Woven silk and textured silk pillow covers. Not every sofa or side chair needs tons of color added with pillows and throw blankets. If you love your color scheme but want to make sure your space a bit more comfortable, woven silk and textured pillowcases in neutral and basic colors are a go-to option.
  • Hand-loomed silk pillowcases. Vibrant and made from fine materials, hand-loomed silk pillowcases have a natural, old-world feel even if they're made in modern styles. Add a few to your sofa or formal living room for a refined, elegant touch.
  • Belgian linen and velvet pillow covers. Specialty materials like durable Belgian linen and sophisticated velvet can give your room a 3-D look that's hard to get with materials like cotton. Mix-and-match Belgian linen or velvet with other pillow styles, throw blankets and accessories for even more visual interest.
  • Abstract colorful pillowcases. Need a pop of color in your den, living room or bedroom? Browse our selection of colorful silk pillowcases in abstract prints to match your color scheme. A variety of sizes are available so you can use your favorite abstract print with smaller pillows for sofas and chairs or larger pillows for your bed.
  • Modern and geometric print pillow covers. From monochromatic prints to designer-inspired color blocks, modern and geometric print pillow covers work in colorful spaces and rooms designed with a minimalist theme in mind.

Personalize your room design with a range of silk pillow covers styles that fit modern, transitional and vintage-inspired decor. Take a few minutes to browse our stylish curtains and draperies while you're shopping. They're a great way to add even more incredible texture and depth to your formal spaces.