At west elm, we provide everything you need to turn your bedroom, living room, dining room and more into a work of art of your own creation. How can you add elegance and style to the bedroom if you don’t have a lot of space? One great idea is to pick out a headboard. Even with a twin-sized bed, the headboard stands out and makes the room seem larger. And since you’re only using wall space and not floor area, it’s like getting fashion for free. What kind of twin upholstered headboard is right for your bedroom? That depends on your personality. Are you creative and playful? Do you like to color outside the lines? Then go with a headboard that has a smooth weave – or one with geometric patterns that you like. If you have a modern bed with sharp angles, a sleek headboard fits right in. That way you feel inspired and happy. On the other hand, if you’re into vintage art – or just want your bedroom to feel elegant – a tufted headboard is the way to go. It brings a little bit of the past into the present. Feel free to turn your room into a 17th-century royal chamber, or create a 1920s Parisian feel. A tufted twin fabric headboard makes it easy. Customize your bedroom even more with color choices. Gray fabrics are neutral, meaning they work with almost any color. Afterwards, you can add decorative pillows with pops of color – or vibrant bedding – to bring the room to life.