Go Subtle and Sleek With a White Bookcase

There's just something about a white bookcase: its long, clean lines and the pure sleekness of its design. If you're looking for a storage solution that's both functional and decorative, check out west elm's collection of bookcases in white.

Subtle Storage Solutions

Tall and narrow bookcases are perfect for those whose space is at a premium. Simply snug up these versatile bookcases up to a dark or white wall in the corner of the room and let the other furnishings take center stage. Layer your bookcase with mementos, plants, jars, vases, picture frames, photo albums and of course, books!

Do double duty on storage by putting the mid-century 22' bookcase and the mid-century 38' white bookcase together for one large matching bookcase to hold even more stuff. Slide storage baskets underneath in the ample space available on the bottom shelf. An extra drawer on the bottom of each bookshelf will help keep clutter contained.

Big Spaces Need Not Apply

Choose a narrower, ladder-style bookcase for the bathroom to store bath essentials such as lotions and bubble bath. Floating white shelves are great for this space, as well as for those who live in an apartment, condo or tiny home.

A white bookcase is more than just storing and displaying items; it's a modest, modern piece of furniture that fits right in with the living, dining, bedroom or bathroom with its subtle and sleek design.