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Layer Your Bed Like A Stylist

Ever wondered how our stylists make our beds look so stunning? Whether you want a modern, monochromatic look or an all–out, drop–dead bed, read on for our insider tips.


  1. Make the bed with the flat sheet wrong side up, and plenty of room at the top to fold over your blanket or quilt.
  2. Use a pair of large Euro square pillows to add height to the bed and layer in pattern or texture. A good rule of thumb: Match your Euro shams to your duvet or quilt. Use 3 Euro squares for a king bed.
  3. Use pillow shams instead of pillowcases to give a more finished look to standard pillows. Match these to your sheets, or use them to layer in another color or pattern. Use king–size shams + pillows for a king bed.
  4. If you like lots of layers (or for adjustable warmth), add a quilt or blanket. Place your duvet on top, turned halfway down, with the quilt either flat or turned down over it. Or fold your duvet in thirds at the foot of the bed. Introduce a new texture, pattern or color on the duvet, such as cut jacquard cotton or velvet.
  5. Add boudoir + throw pillows, using them to layer in texture (we love furry Mongolian lamb), embroidered or beaded embellishments, or luxe velvet or silk. A long bolster is another good choice, especially on a king bed.
  6. Add a soft throw at the foot of the bed for a final flourish–this is also a good way to break up the expanse of a king bed. Go for faux fur if you want an extra touch of luxe!

Bonus Points

  • For an extra–plush look, stuff 2 inserts (or choose a duvet one size larger) into your duvet cover.
  • Add a featherbed beneath your fitted sheet for extra softness.
  • If company's coming and you really want to impress, plug in your iron next to the bed, place a towel beneath the folded–over portion of your top sheet, and iron or steam it.


The All–White Bed

A summer classic, but crisp + inviting year–round, a white bed is enhanced with a mix of textures–think embroidered pillows, a cut–jacquard duvet, a silk quilt or textured cotton blanket, and a luxe Mongolian lamb pillow.

The Monochromatic Bed

Layering tonal variations of one color in different materials + textures looks modern and sophisticated. For example, try linen sheets paired with a silk quilt or crinkle velvet duvet. Add a small pop of pattern + texture on boudoir pillows.

The Softly Patterned Bed

The easiest place to add impact is the duvet cover. Choose a low–key pattern, then pick out one color or a neutral from it to use on sheets and pillows. Pump up texture via pillows + a throw.

The Colorful Bed

A bright, cheerful pattern is a simple way to instantly perk up your room. If you opt for a bold pattern or color on your duvet, balance it with white or solid sheets and a couple solid, textured pillows.

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