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Having the right bedding in your home is an awesome feeling. It gives your room so much emotion that it literally affects the way you feel when you’re there. Some styles can even lower your heart rate, inviting you to plop down for a nap or call a friend on the phone. Other bedding is energetic, instantly brightening your day when you see it. What kind of style is right for you? That depends a lot on your personality, as well as your taste in art, music and hobbies. In fact, you don’t even need to limit yourself to a single look. There are countless possible combinations. Looking for some inspiration? At west elm, we share your excitement for amazing bedroom decor. Our bedding collections feature styles that are distinctive and comfortable. Whether you add them as is to your bedroom or take elements from several different collections, they’re a great way to express yourself creatively.

Do you have to match solids with solids and patterns with other motifs? Not at all. The bedding you pick out for your room is a lot like a painting. What looks best depends on the artist’s inspiration. Sometimes – like with abstract pieces – thick swathes of solid colors are what tell the story you’re seeking. For other times, you want to include different designs that make a statement. A duvet cover with paisley patterns works well with bright shams and a few ikat accent pillows, for example. Go ahead and play around with different artistic elements until you achieve happiness.

For a minimalist bedroom and other simple yet powerful decor concepts, one option is to focus on a monochromatic look. For this, start with a base color, and then add other bedding with variations of the same hue. If your base color is blue, you could play around with a light blue or aqua quilt, light or dark sheets, navy blue shams and a bright blue throw. This technique is easy to use and allows for tons of versatility. Because you’re focusing on color to tie everything together, you can go with different patterns for extra excitement if you want, and everything looks amazing.

Another way to create the ambience you’re looking for is with contrasting color combinations. They can take you anywhere in the world you want to go, and even to another time period. The reason for this is that certain hues – especially when paired together – evoke images from exotic locations instantly. Bright pink, intense blue and lime green together can give your room a touch of Mexico or the Caribbean. Gold, deep green and orange hues, along with geometric patterns and sleek velvet, all give you the feeling of a Persian palace. Mediterranean and Asian cultures also tend to have specific tones and textures that transport you there.

How do accent pillows and throws work into the mix? They give you a few extra pieces to work with when putting the finishing touches on your bedroom masterpiece. Decorative pillows can be even more expressive than shams, so they stand out and define what you’re trying to express. There aren’t any rules as to how many to include or what shapes and sizes to use. Some people say, the more the merrier. Others like to keep accent pillows to just one or two very bold pops of color. A throw gives the bed even more excitement, and you control exactly how much by the way you fold it. For an especially cozy appearance, just drape it onto the bed naturally.

If you’re going for a layered look in the room, how should you arrange your bedding? Do you need to tuck in the covers, or just let them hang? That’s totally up to you and your preferences. Many interior designers recommend starting from the bottom with your fitted sheet and working your way up. The idea is to show off exactly the things you want. White sheets are great because they match pretty much anything, but you can also use darker ones for a cool contrast with lighter covers. You decide how many layers to highlight and how much.