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Dish Towels

Dish towels are great for cleaning up, but they also have other uses. The ones we have at west elm are so out-of-the-ordinary that you’ll want to show them off as much as you can. Sure, they dry dishes well and wipe up spills, but try them in other ways too.

The sea life animal prints are made of 100 percent duck canvas, so are quite durable. They have charming prints of a shark in a bathing suit, a pelican and a lobster dressed in stripes. For shrimp boils, also called Frogmore Stew, toss the food on a flax linen or cotton tablecloth for guests to dig in. The tablecloths are machine washable for quick cleaning after the meal is finished, especially since you don’t use many dishes. This is a super entrée for vacations at the beach or the lake. The marine life dish towels are great to use instead of napkins, since it’s a reach in with your hands kind of meal. Try them with lobster and crab legs too.

New home tea towels make a great housewarming gift. Wrap it up one or two with a set of coasters for a gift that exudes hospitality. Coasters made of olivewood or petrified wood are off the beaten path. Or you might want to monogram slate coasters with the gift recipient’s initials.

Tea towels designed with jungle animals are great for a meal of wild game or Peruvian food. Have them on the serving table for wiping up any food that spills out when folks are serving their plates. Use the towels at the bar area for a safari-themed or rainforest party to catch drippings from pouring wine out of the wine cooler or cocktails out of the shaker. Your guests will love the funky pheasant, dapper monkey and sleek leopard towels.

Summer soiree towels are suited to outdoor cookouts, grilling and snacks by the pool. The grillmaster will appreciate their practicality while grilling and will enjoy the catchy sayings. They are handy to wipe up spills quickly around the pool to prevent attracting flying insects. Keep them on the table with the snacks on the dip and chip platters. As soon as food drops on the table or pool decking, it can get wiped up.

Personalized registry towels are very suited to wedding and anniversary gifts. Wrap the towel around an elegant glass, ceramic or enamel vase and tie with a ribbon for an attractive and useful gift. Pearl glass vases and pastel mirrored ones are stunning, just like the opal luster vases. It’s a tough decision to choose the right vase because we have so many extraordinary ones.

Use the 100 percent cotton towels with names from around the world for bread baskets. Croissants will stay warm wrapped with a Paris tea towel. Place the Sydney towel in a warming or woven basket with delicious Aussie soda bread. Of course, sumptuous Brazilian cheese bread is most appropriate wrapped in the Rio de Janeiro towel.

These tea towels are so much more than a towel when you think outside the box. Group the towels together on a bathroom towel rod or an oven handle in the kitchen for a simple decoration. Use them for picnics and poolside gatherings. The size makes them ideal for many applications. Wrap a bottle of wine or a candle with the towel for a dual gift that is also eco-friendly. Drain rinsed veggies on a tea towel rather than a disposable paper towel. Give the tea towels as gifts for others and for yourself. And when you are actually serving tea, you’ll have incredible tea towels to go with it.