Kitchen Lighting Solutions for Your Home

Lighting is a very important component of overall kitchen design. The space needs to be properly illuminated to allow for easy cooking, cleaning and dining. At west elm, we carry a variety of functional and stylish kitchen lighting options for the modern home. Choose from a selection of pendant lights and chandeliers in eye-catching designs that will provide all of the light you need while enhancing the style of your kitchen at the same time.

Kitchen Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a great option for kitchen lighting. They are typically used in groups of three or more to provide both enough light and an aesthetically-pleasing design. They are also available in a range of styles, including:

  • Globe: A round and luminous pendant light, glass globe lights have a mid-century modern style that will blend well with a variety of modern kitchen decor.
  • Sculptural: Crafted out of either glass or metal, sculptural pendant lights come in a variety of unique shapes, which will give your lighting a custom feel.
  • Light rods: Available in either wood or brass, light rods feature an elongated LED bulb. They have a sleek and modern style and are easily height-adjustable.
  • Drum: Simple, yet elegant and sophisticated in style, a drum pendant light features a shade made of cotton or other natural materials that filters the light for a softer glow.

Kitchen Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a larger fixture that provides more light at once. One chandelier is usually enough for a kitchen, though two may be needed for a larger space. Our kitchen chandeliers feature seven glass shades attached to a metal canopy that can be hung at different heights for a dramatic effect. They are available in four main finishes:

  • Clear: Sleek and modern in style, clear glass shades provide an unobstructed view of the bulbs and allow the light to shine brightly throughout the room.
  • Milk: A milk finish obscures the bulb inside the shade and softens the light a bit. It also provides a stylish contrast to the metallic chandelier canopy.
  • Metallic Ombre: For a chic industrial style, a metallic ombre finish is a great choice. The shades are darker up top and almost clear on the bottom, for a semi-obscure view of the bulb.
  • Champagne: A champagne finish leaves the glass see-through but with a slight hue, giving the light a tinge and bringing a touch of extra color to the space.

Should I Choose Pendant Lights or a Chandelier?

Whether you decide to use a chandelier or pendant lights for your kitchen lighting will depend largely on the size of the space. Pendant lights tend to be a better option for smaller kitchens while a chandelier is more suited to a larger one. A chandelier is also a good choice to hang above a large, square kitchen island or as a bold style statement. Don't forget that you can make a bold statement with pendant lights by hanging them in unique arrangements and at different heights.

Whichever option you decide on, you can shop west elm for all of your kitchen lighting needs. If you're looking for additional home and kitchen design ideas, then take a look at our shop by style section for even more style inspiration.

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