When redecorating to change up the look and feel of a bedroom, the first thing you want to update is the bedding. It’s fun to pick out a new comforter and sheets, but what about the base? Sometimes having a new bed frame can make all the difference, as it not only freshens the look but gives you a sturdy surface to catch some much-needed Zs. west elm has a variety of twin bed frame options to choose from so you can not only update the top of the bed, but also the bottom. Choose from various finishes and colors to achieve the look you want in your updated bedroom.


You can also choose by the construction, including if you prefer a twin bed frame that includes a headboard or one that doesn’t. Of course, you can always shop our site for a headboard to complement the frame you have chosen. Whether you prefer the bed to sit higher off the ground or have a solid base, there is a twin bed frame to fit everyone’s preference. There are even storage twin bed frames, which are perfect for guests or kids sharing a room. Who knows? Once you’ve purchased a new twin bed base, the focal point of your new bedroom might not be the new bedding but rather what is below it. After all, it’s hard to beat something that’s both practical and stylish.