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Accent pieces are wonderful because they turn your home into a blank canvas with which you can work. They help you to create spaces that are unique thanks to your signature style. This kind of interior design causes a spectacular domino effect. Decor that fits your personality gets you excited and being excited inspires you. When you’re inspired, everything just falls into place. The result is a room that’s vivacious. At west elm, we have many different types of accent pieces to use, including bowls and vases, lamps, artwork and other decorative objects. When it comes to furniture, pillows fit naturally and have a significant impact on the space.

There is no wrong way to use an accent pillow when decorating. That’s because they’re incredibly versatile. Pillows are right at home anywhere you or your guests tend to sit or lie down. A large sectional? It’s a terrific place for an assortment of decorative pillows and perhaps a throw or two. Reading nooks, recliners and even the living room floor – depending on your entertaining style – are other spots where the softness and personality of accent pillows add much to the space.

What kind of pillows are right for your space? You know the answer to that question better than anyone. Because decoration is about personal expression, this is one field where it’s very desirable to trust your heart. It’s not hard to find pillows that you fall in love with. Thanks to their versatility, every room in the house provides another opportunity for a custom color palette or theme. Feel free to experiment.

Accent pillows usually fit into two separate roles, although the same pillow can do both depending on its surroundings. On the one hand, there are pieces that stand out. Their purpose is to wake you up and add visual excitement. Accent pillows can also play a secondary part by enhancing and drawing attention to your furniture instead. They fill in the blanks. Both aspects are beautiful and give you tons of creative freedom.

Does your room design revolve around color? Then you’ll love the effect of accent pillows. They can hold strong pops of color that are just the right size to make an impression without overwhelming the space. You have an entire rainbow of options to play around with, from monochromatic themes to complementary, split-complementary and even more complex compositions. Analogous color arrays – featuring tones that sit next to each other on the color wheel – can give your home a tropical vibe or a retro 1970s feel. Red, red-orange and orange are a lot of fun when combined with accent pillows, rugs and other decor.

What if you prefer calming neutrals instead? No problem. In that case, you can use pillows to add a layered effect to the room. Ivory, silver and cream-colored pieces all share a similar color profile but, texturally, they can be very different. Contrasting textures are wonderful for your sense of touch and very attractive to the eyes. Depending on the patterns you choose, the space touts luxurious, exotic, rustic or laid-back details. Smooth velvet, embroidered patterns, jacquard surfaces and supersoft faux fur are all very distinctive from each other yet delight the senses when put together.

How many pillows should you use on a single piece of furniture? That’s totally up to you. Some minimalist spaces look amazing with one or two carefully chosen pieces while other designs feature lots of huge pillows that overflow a chair or loveseat. You have the freedom to decorate your way. The more pillows you use, the cozier a room feels.

One idea is to play around with different sizes and shapes throughout your furniture. You’re not limited to one pattern, such as like all solid or all striped, either. Improvise with as many different elements as you want. How can you tie them together? Use a common theme, similar tones or get inspired by a certain location, such as India or Venice.

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