Flannel Bedding

Give your bedroom a cozy makeover with flannel bedding from west elm. Designed for year-round use, our soft flannel bedding keeps you comfortable while you sleep. Do you have a favorite shirt that you’ve had forever? It’s so soft you never want to take it off. That’s exactly how you’ll feel when you cuddle up under our flannel sheets and duvet covers. Our sheets come in a variety of neutral tones that are sure to blend perfectly with your current decor. You can choose a duvet cover in a matching or contrasting shade for a look that’s all you. Simply select a style you love, and slip it over your existing duvet.

If you’re looking for a quick way to transform your bedroom, our flannel bedding does the trick. If you have an all-white room, consider selecting a blue or gray flannel duvet cover to add a touch of color to the space. You can easily personalize the bed by adding throw pillows that show off your personality. You can even select bold patterns and textures if you love making a statement. Consider selecting one neutral color and one bold shade to really create a stunning look. Mixing and matching textures and colors is a great way to bring out your interior decorator and create a home that is ideal for you.

If you love the look of a lived-in home, you’ll appreciate the worn-in look of our flannel bedding. The ultra-soft design helps you to create a relaxed space for yourself or a guest room. Imagine inviting your friends to stay and greeting them with a plush, comfortable bed covered in a flannel duvet cover. If you choose a solid duvet cover, consider throwing on a cozy throw blanket and new pillows. Choosing a patterned throw is a great way to bring out the solid color of your flannel bedding and create a seamless look throughout the room. You can use the throw for inspiration and choose decorative accents that complement your bedding choices.

For those who have an eye for detail, you’ll appreciate our flannel duvet covers with creative designs. We offer several styles that feature special stitching patterns like a herringbone or pinstripe design. Consider pairing a patterned duvet cover with solid sheets for a seamless look. You can really customize the room by adding personalized items from our Monogram Shop. Try adding a personalized throw pillow with your initials to your bed, or give one to a friend as a thoughtful gift.

Are you a fan of easy cleaning? If so, you’ll appreciate the ease of caring for our flannel bedding. Anytime you feel your duvet cover or shams need a quick washing, you can simply machine wash them in warm water on the gentle cycle. To dry, quickly fluff the bedding and toss it in the dryer on low. The sheets are incredibly simple to care for as well. You can also machine wash them in warm water and throw them in the dryer. You’ll love how quickly you can refresh your room by placing clean sheets and blankets on your bed.

After you select some new flannel bedding, don’t forget the essentials like some new pillow inserts so you get a great night’s sleep. Generally, we recommend selecting a new pillow every 18 to 36 months. We offer pillow inserts in three different categories so you can find the style that’s perfect for you. Our Bedding Basics Collection has styles in every category – premium, classic or essential – so you can find the pillow that’s right for you. Begin your bedroom transformation with a new set of our incredibly soft flannel bedding.