SMEG Appliances Collaboration

Every kitchen has appliances. Things like blenders, coffee makers and toasters – not to mention stoves and refrigerators – are probably an integral part of your day. After all, grabbing a cup of coffee and some whole-grain toast with cream cheese and fresh fruit is an awesome way to start the morning. But appliances aren’t only about functionality. At west elm, we know that expressing yourself creatively in the kitchen is important to you. It’s a big part of why you cook what you do and the tasty twists and family secrets that you add to recipes. That same passion that goes into your signature cooking style also drives you to personalize your kitchen’s decor. That’s the idea behind our SMEG appliances collaboration. SMEG combines practical features and art in the same piece. Here are few decorating possibilities to inspire you.

What effect does creating a custom kitchen style have on the space? Well, for one thing, it gets you excited. When you’re in a room that reflects your personality, your brain immediately starts turning gears and imagining new possibilities. The kitchen becomes your science lab and innovative recipes your culinary breakthroughs. You feel free to experiment with exotic flavors and ingredients. Also, being in a comfortable kitchen makes you happy. It has a relaxing and positive effect on everything you do.

There are a lot of ways to introduce accent pieces into the kitchen. Vases with fresh flowers or baskets with various kinds of fruit add pops of color and life to the room. Our SMEG appliances also make great design elements. For one thing, they’re vibrant. A bright toaster or blender, for example, is just the right size to provide a single brushstroke of color that gets noticed but doesn’t overpower the room. The other decorative side of SMEG appliances is their form. They have distinctively gentle curves and sleek finishes that are reminiscent of a gorgeous Italian Maserati or Ferrari from the mid-1950s.

Red appliances in the kitchen give it a European vibe worthy of the finest culinary institutes in France or Italy, but with a kick. Red says that you know your stuff when it comes to cooking, but also like to color outside of the lines. You’re adventurous and bold, but also appreciate spending time with family and friends. That’s why there’s never a dull moment in your kitchen, where you love to taste new flavors, dance around in your socks while cooking and maybe even sing a little Pavarotti or Sinatra.

Pastel blues and greens are awesome for country kitchens with white cabinets and lots of light. Not only do they give the room an ambience of simpler times and home-cooked goodness – think the recipes that your grandmother used to make with a slightly modern twist – but neutral blues and greens are also havens of peace and calm. No stress means you can cook at your own pace, and have a lot of fun along the way. Cookies straight from the oven, breakfasts as a family and fresh apple pie are all hallmarks of this style.

Black is sleek, calm, collected and very cool. It speaks to your artistic side. Black appliances look awesome when paired with vintage French elements like posters, fine liqueur and pendant lighting. It’s impossible to go wrong pairing beautiful glass, metal, marble and rich wood with jet black and silver appliances.

What kind of interior design styles do SMEG appliances complement well? There are a lot of possibilities, and you can create your own fusion too. One place they fit effortlessly is in mid-century or retro decor. Classic 1950s or 1960s American themes, complete with lots of curves and light-colored wood furniture, go hand-in-hand with the chic hues of SMEG. You can also lean towards industrial designs with exposed brick, wood beams and factory lighting. For something eclectic, use a palette of contrasting colors like blue, orange, pink or green along with wood shelves and bright lighting. A ceiling fan is a nice touch. Eclectic designs draw a lot on your personal interpretation, so there’s no right or wrong. Combining vintage and modern is one idea.