Tree Toppers + Tree Skirts

No matter how you choose to celebrate Christmas, decorating is a fun adventure to help make winter a bit brighter and end the year on a high note. If a tree is part of your winter holiday display, west elm’s Christmas tree toppers and tree skirts provide the perfect finishing touches to make every inch of your decorated space a pleasure to see. With options including sleek styles to match with a modern, minimal holiday decor scheme and some quirky options for a crafty Christmas theme, we have everything you need to style your winter holiday tree just right.

Like our Christmas ornaments, our Christmas tree toppers and tree skirts capture all the beauty and classic festivity of the season while providing you with a stylish, updated twist. Elements like twinkling gold stars on top and a plush, cozy tree skirt on the bottom will anchor your tree in tradition, but our refined color palette and signature modern design approach provides a strong foundation for holiday innovation. Go for an on-trend metallic tree that twinkles and gleams, or use crafty materials like felt and glitter to blend DIY elements with some of our Christmas decor offerings for a friendly, casual setup.

Our tree toppers may include integrated lights to add extra illumination to the top of your tree. If you prefer to leave the lights for the middle portion of your tree, we have some tree topper options to suit that need too. Peruse our selection of holiday string lights to find something to match your chosen tree topper or to provide a clever bit of contrast in the middle portion of your tree. Christmas tree decoration can follow a prescribed traditional approach, or you can get really creative and segment your tree into different areas from the topper to the middle portion of the tree to the skirt. Your tree can be a true expression of your unique design vision.

Even if you change up your approach to tree decorating every year, our Christmas tree toppers and tree skirts provide a convenient anchor that you can use to center your approach to holiday decor. DIY new garlands and ornaments every year without overloading yourself; just select the right top piece and bottom skirt for your tree and fill in everything else with your creative inspiration. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using your favorite decor items again and again each year too. Winter holiday decor is highly personal and can tell an important story about who you are.

Whether your year-round home decor is elegant and glamorous or approachable and contemporary, you’ll find items that fit right in. Our Christmas tree toppers and tree skirts offer plenty of style on their own, but they have a subtle design approach that makes them versatile and suitable for inclusion in any style of decor. If you plan to have more than one tree, you can use different elements from this part of our holiday decor collection, or you can unify each individual tree with the same topper and skirt to provide foundational design cohesion.

Your approach to the holidays should be all about whatever it is that makes you happiest. Stay at home with your immediate family, entertain huge groups of extended family members, throw parties for your closest friends and favorite colleagues – there’s no wrong way to celebrate and make the most of this festive season. With our decorative supplies, including our Christmas tree toppers and tree skirts, you can create the perfect decor arrangement to delight everyone in your house, whether you host dozens of guests or keep your gatherings more intimate.

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