Imagine the comfort of sinking down into your favorite chair, reaching over to turn on a beautiful table lamp and slipping away into the narrative of a great book. The look of heavy upholstered seating, a tall bookcase and an antique brass table lamp create an inviting family room or den for entertaining guests or relaxing quietly at the end of the day. The west elm antique brass lamp collection offers the glimmering look of polished brass crafted into a variety of styles to meet different decor needs. Whether your taste leans toward nature-inspired lighting, Midwestern-style lamps, sixties mod or even old-style Hollywood pieces that look like they came from a 1930s movies set, or something else altogether, the piece you need to light up your life and complete your decor is waiting on you. Features like in-line switches to turn the lamps on and off and a wide range of sizes let you choose a lamp that is convenient to use and that shows off your exquisite taste, because it looks just right in your available space. Our brass lamps are also easy to maintain. Replace burned-out bulbs with standard or decorative bulbs, replace the shade if you want to change up the look, and if the lamp needs cleaning, simply grab a clean, damp cloth and wipe it off.