Instantly Elevate Your Style With a Marble Table Lamp

The cool elegance of marble lends elegance and style to any space - and simply adding a marble table lamp to your bedside table, living room or any other spot can make a tremendous difference in the way you feel about the room.

Pillar-Style Marble Lamps

Choose a pillar lamp with a marble base to make a stunning style statement on a bedside table, a console, or a buffet or sideboard. These tall, sleek lamps provide you with an excellent amount of task lighting, but they're about far more than function - they can draw the eye upward to highlight tall ceilings and make rooms appear larger. Typically, white linen is the perfect shade for a marble pillar lamp with brass metal accents when elegance is your main goal.

Minimalist-Style Marble Lamps

Achieve balance and style with a minimalist-style marble lamp. Choose a lamp featuring a marble base, slender body and glass globe to keep things simple, tasteful and ultra-modern. Ideal for console and bedside tables, as well as the tables that flank your sofa or sit beside your favorite reading chair, these lamps are an excellent choice for your space. Pair a minimalist lamp with two decorative accents (like sculptures) or a small stack of books and you'll have the perfect combination of function and style.

Clear Dome Lamps With Marble Bases

Create an extremely elegant look with a clear dome lamp atop a conical marble base. These types of lamps cast a warm, inviting glow in all directions, and they look exceptional on living room side tables and accent tables - especially when they're used with an Edison bulb and outfitted with brass fittings and hardware.

Lamps With USB Ports

Find a marble table lamp with a built-in USB port for even more functionality. These lamps plug into the wall and charge your devices so you can sit comfortably in the right lighting - and they help save valuable outlet space.

Table Lamp Tips: Getting the Most From Your Lighting Scheme

Choosing the right marble table lamp is about more than just lighting. It's about finding the perfect balance between style and function, adding just the right amount of task or ambient light while complementing your decor. Use these tips to find and get the most from your table lamps:

  • Pair your lamp with a mirror to create more light and double your decor.
  • Use your lamp as a standalone focal point. You don't have to surround it with accents - but you can if it feels right.
  • Choose LED bulbs, which are environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient, to achieve a look you love.
  • Mix-and-match lamp styles to create extra visual appeal - just make sure that the lamps are similar enough to be in the same style family.

Adding a marble table lamp to your bedroom, living room or dining room is an excellent way to elevate a room's elegance and style. You'll be able to create the perfect look in any space, whether you're using the lamp as a focal point or as an accessory to other decor that takes center stage.