Shop Stylish Glass Ornaments at west elm

Decorating your home for the holiday season is something tons of people look forward to as soon as it starts to get cold outside. If you're one of those people, you can probably feel the ornaments in your hands right now! This year, you can bring your holiday space to life with a range of glass ornaments from west elm. Use this guide to learn more about our selection of modern ornaments.

What Glass Ornaments I Buy?

Stylish ornaments can take your holiday decor to a whole new level. Whether you're hosting just your immediate family this year or you love to have a big event for the whole neighborhood, we know you want to show your holiday spirit off. Here are some of the great glass ornaments you can find at west elm right now. You can also track down exciting gifts like tech accessories for everyone on your list while you shop.

  • Colorful styles. Nothing screams holiday season more than a few bold, bright colored ornaments around the house. Not quite sure about filling your home with reds, greens or blues? We've got plenty of understated silver and classic gold ornaments that'll make any contemporary home feel more festive. Who says monochromatic styles can't show a little bit of holiday spirit?
  • Letter ornaments. Spell out a holiday message or go for a modern take on stockings with letter ornaments from west elm. Ideal for your tree, but just as at home on your mantel or hung on the banister, you'll love the way these ornaments light up your home. Make sure you get at least one for every family member's initials this year.
  • Whimsical ornaments. Perfect for bringing a sense of fun to your home during the holidays, these are the ornaments the kids in the house - or maybe your grandkids - are really going to love. While our selection changes each year, you can find an assortment of ornaments that feature animals, creative abstract designs and more. Come to think of it, these ornaments are just as much for the adults as they are for the kids!
  • Shop west elm to find a wide range of holiday ornaments and decorative items you can use this year. You'll also find tons of amazing holiday gifts for everybody on your shopping list. The faster you get that shopping done the soon you can start decorating your home after all!