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The Perfect Lazy Sunday

Weekend mornings are a sacred space. It's the sheer bliss of not waking up to an alarm clock, the comfort of curling up with an unrushed cup of coffee + a good book. It's the push–pause–and–reset moment of what may otherwise be a busy, nonstop week.

With a few key ingredients, you can create the complete, ultimate bedroom oasis—and hone the art of the perfect lazy Sunday in bed. Here's how:


You want sheets that feel as great as they look. You can't beat a classic white set, but don't be afraid to mix neutrals, which can combine to create a perfect foundation for patterned top–of–bed layers.


  • TENCEL® sheets for a touch of glam. Soft, satiny and cool, it has the feeling of luxurious silk at a great price.
  • Organic Washed Cotton sheets for peak softness. It's treated with an organic wash that makes for a relaxed, comfortable base layer.
  • Belgian Flax Linen sheets for a timeless, natural look and year–round comfort. Its breathability makes linen cool in the summer, while it layers as an insulator in the winter. Plus, it lasts the longest of any sheeting.


Ready to lay in bed all day? Add a quilt and duvet in mixed materials for cozying in and snuggling up. Switch your layers seasonally to refresh your look, sticking to one color palette to keep it cohesive.


  • Starting with a quilt or coverlet on top of your flat sheet. It's the perfect weight for summer when you just need light layers and adds extra warmth in colder months.
  • Turning your duvet halfway down instead of laying it flat to add dimension and let your quilt layer show. Stuff two inserts into your duvet cover for comfy hotel–quality plushness.
  • Adding a soft throw at the foot of the bed for extra coziness at arm's reach.

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If you love your beauty sleep and will be logging serious hours lounging in bed, go for a mattress pad or featherbed for extra comfort. Then make sure you have the right pillows for hanging in bed all day. (Hey, no judgment here: that's what the lazy Sunday is all about!)


  • A high–quality, luxuriously comfortable duvet insert. Ours come in 3 levels of warmth, each with hypoallergenic down and down–alternative fills.
  • A pair of standard sleeping pillows in front to vary shape + scale.
  • A pair of Euro pillows for your backrest, a necessity for your next binge–watching session.


Now that you've created the perfect bed, complete your Sunday staycation with the finishing touches needed for total bedroom bliss. Think about the right light for curling up with a good book, a sound system for filling your room with your favorite tunes and the makings for a mess–free breakfast in bed.


  • Look for a table lamp that doesn't take up too much space on your bedside table but still provides enough light for bedside reading. Bonus points for a USB port that can keep your phone fully charged through the night.
  • Soothing sounds can make all the difference in creating a calming bedroom environment. We love Sonos, which you can control with your phone from the comfort of your covers and allows you to stream 100,000+ free radio stations.
  • A go–to tray for coffee in bed. All that's missing is the Sunday paper and your favorite mug.

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