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How To Style Your Dresser

The top of your dresser is an opportunity to merge style with substance, using the space for organization and display. Here, 6 pro tips for making the most of this valuable bedroom real estate.

1. Start with a clean slate

Clear off the surface and think about your priorities: Do you use your dresser as a vanity and will want to store cosmetics and jewelry there or is it a tall (5–drawer) dresser that just needs a few decorative accessories?

2. Add the key pieces

Start with the essentials, such as a lamp, a mirror (whether hanging or on a stand) and a tray or storage piece. Your choices may vary, but these elements will anchor your display.

3. Invest in pretty storage accessories

A luxe multi–drawer jewelry box in a metallic or lacquer finish always looks good, but there are lots of other options as well: necklace and bracelet stands are elegant and keep jewelry untangled; glass boxes or small bowls can hold earrings; and trays bring order to perfume bottles, cosmetics and large bangles.

Add The Key Pieces

4. Dress the wall

Hang or prop a mirror, artwork or photos on the wall above the dresser, centered on the furniture. (Advanced placement: For a wide dresser, try placing art or a mirror off to one side and balancing it with a tall vase or boxes.)

5. Follow the commandments of styling

  • Add height with a lamp, vase of flowers or tall jewelry box.
  • Add mid–size pieces to bridge the gap between high and low, such as a plant, a stack of books or framed photos. Stylist tip: Books also make a great pedestal to elevate other elements, such as a vase or bowl.
  • Mix materials and shapes, such as a mirrored tray, ceramic bowls, and a lacquer box. Aim for a balanced composition without overcrowding the surface.

6. Add the finishing touch

Indulge the senses with a vase of flowers or a terrarium. Too high–maintenance? Opt for a lush faux botanical or scented candle instead.

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