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From finding the right fabric to picking matching hardware, we've got what you need to get started.

1. Size Matters

Your curtain length should reflect the style of the room—whether it's a dramatic entryway or a cheerful kitchen. Not all windows and curtain lengths were made for each other. Use the measurements and tips below as a guide to help you find the perfect fit and consider the function of each one.


A. Sill

Length Shown: 63" panel on 32 x 60 in. window |  Falls: Just above the sill
Recommended length: 63"  |  Style: Short + sweet (think charming café!)
Tip: Perfect for windows you open all the time (I.e. kitchens, breakfast nooks)

B. Apron

Length Shown: 84" panel on 40 x 70 in. window |  Falls: 4 inches below sill
Recommended length: 63"—84" |  Style: Crisp, casual + basically foolproof
Tip: Place your curtain rod higher than the actual window to draw the eye up and make the space look larger.

C. Floor

Length Shown: 96" panel on 40 x 70 in. window |  Falls: .25 inches before the floor
Recommended length: 84"—96" |  Style: Polished + oh-so-pulled together
Tip: Lengthens windows + your room's look overall (great small space solution!)

D. Puddle

Length Shown: 124" panel on 40 x 70 in. window  |  Falls: 6-10 inches extra at floor
Recommended length: 108"—124" |  Style: Formal + dramatic (start practicing your grand entrance)
Tip: For the romantic, bohemian look; best in low traffic areas sans pets + kids

2. View From The Top

Your curtain's top construction determines how the fabric will drape and fall from the curtain rod.

View From The Top

3. Sharpen Your Fabric IQ

The right fabric helps set the mood of any room. Lighter blends feel casual and filter light while denser fabrics feel more formal and provide more privacy.

Sharpen Your Fabric IQ

Light Filter Level: Lets in lots of light

Why We Love It: Casual and easy to clean, cotton panels keep rooms feeling bright + airy.

Style Tip: For easy style from season to season, layer denser fabrics over it using a double rod.

Shop Cotton Curtains

Light Filter Level: Lets in moderate light

Why We Love It: Linen's textured weave feels casual yet tailored and filters just the right amount of light.

Style Tip: Neutral tones help your windows blend in while patterns make them a fun focal point.

Shop Linen Curtains

Light Filter Level: Blocks most light

Why We Love It: Thicker fabrics feel more formal and polished; they also block out noise, heat + cold.

Style Tip: Try it on a drafty window or in rooms that need extra privacy.

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Light Filter Level: Lets in most light

Why We Love It: Light + gauzy, sheer curtains create privacy while allowing in just enough filtered light to keep a room cheerful.

Style Tip: Hang sheer curtains to create a bright, fresh and luminous look.

Shop Sheer Curtains

Light Filter Level: Blocks light completely

Why We Love It: Completely opaque, blackout panels can easily be layered underneath any curtain.

Style Tip: A must-have for light-sensitive sleepers, blackouts are also great for baby rooms or bedrooms.

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4. Hardware Made Easy

All our window rods come with mounting hardware and are available in 2 adjustable lengths to fit a variety of window sizes.

Hardware Made Easy
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